Panic! At The Disco at KTCL Channel 93.3 Big Gig
Aug 2014

KTCL Big Gig Featuring Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, American Authors

Channel 93.3 is a big deal around Denver. They have launched the careers of many bands (most notably The Fray, but I could name a ton). When I was at Firefly recently and met the Unlikely Candidates, their first question for me and Monika when they found out we were from Denver was, “Oh, do you guys know Nerf?”

Yeah. Everyone knows Nerf.

American Authors

Not only do we all know Nerf because of the local band support, but also because the station, from top to bottom, has seriously the best taste in music. Except for when they were playing “Save Tonight” three times a day. But I forgave them when they were announcing the Big Gig 2014 lineup on April Fools Day and told the world Eagle Eye Cherry was on the bill to basically make me shut up about it.

That awesome taste in music was never more apparent as this year’s Big Gig (real) lineup.

Main Stage:  Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, American Authors, Walk The Moon, MSMR, Brick + Mortar, Bad Suns & Rumours Follow

Locals Only Stage:  Magic Man, Post Paradise, Chemistry Club, Glowing House & Pandas and People

The show was back at Fiddler’s Green, who boasted about a huge renovation. I didn’t *see* much, but I *heard* a vast improvement in the sound system on the lawn, which the biggest thing they had always been lacking, so I am glad they put the where it was needed – although a coat of paint this winter would be really nice too. Either way, the music was so awesome all over the place, I couldn’t keep up and there was no way to photograph all the bands.

The one local band I saw happens to be one of my favorites, so that works out. Post Paradise are from Fort Collins (which kicks out a ton of great bands) and feature a lady cellist. What’s not to love?

Post_Paradise_01 Post_Paradise_02

Next up for me was Bad Suns, whose albums is one my my favorites of the year. You know the song “Cardiac Arrest,” but check out my pop anthem of the summer, “Salt.”


Bad_Suns_Big_Gig_08 Bad_Suns_Big_Gig_12

Bad_Suns_Big_Gig_01 Bad_Suns_Big_Gig_07


I love when bands exceed your expectations live. I mean, I like Ms Mr‘s music a lot… But they are AMAZING live. A. May. Zing. I remember repeating the phrase “holy shit” over and over in my head they whole time I was photographing them.

Ms Mr

Ms_Mr_Big_Gig_08 Ms_Mr_Big_Gig_10


Ms_Mr_Big_Gig_06 Ms_Mr_Big_Gig_04


The fun vibe continued with Walk The Moon. I will say, the gals up front really liked this band. Based on the pics, you can see why. But musically, there were terrific too.

Walk The Moon

Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_02 Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_03

Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_04 Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_23


Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_16 Walk_The_Moon_Big_Gig_15


American Authors were due next, but there was some sort of electrical problem. Although we never really found out what happened, when they went on about 45 minutes late, they were READY TO GO. Strobes were in full effect and the guys were all over the place. I had just seen them at Firefly (and several times prior, including small clubs) but this was my favorite performance from them by far.


American_Authors_08 American_Authors_04


American_Authors_10 American_Authors_12


Confession: I really don’t like that Car Radio song. Having said that, Twenty One Pilots is maybe one the best bands I have seen live in a very, very, very long time. Completely engaging, fun, creepy, talented, energetic, athletic – and it’s only two dudes. They are another band that we also saw at Firefly and I would love to see them every single month hereafter.


Twenty_One_Pilots_29 Twenty_One_Pilots_41

Twenty_One_Pilots_36 Twenty_One_Pilots_10


Twenty_One_Pilots_11 Twenty_One_Pilots_18


Twenty_One_Pilots_33 Twenty_One_Pilots_39

Last band of the night was Panic! At The Disco, who, in a nutshell, rules the world. After I was done photographing for the night, I was able to go back and hang with Bryan and Monika and really feel the show. I walked up right as Panic started singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Not many bands have the balls to even attempt that song, much less absolutely nail it. Bryan caught it on video, although he missed the beginning because he was just as stunned as I was. Needless to say they were an absolute joy to photograph, listen to, watch, sing along with, everything.


Panic_At_The_Disco_12 Panic_At_The_Disco_21


Panic_At_The_Disco_33 Panic_At_The_Disco_31


Panic_At_The_Disco_18 Panic_At_The_Disco_16


Panic_At_The_Disco_37 Panic_At_The_Disco_14


Panic_At_The_Disco_10 Panic_At_The_Disco_06


So there you have it. Big Gig 2014, as much as I could photograph. An epic lineup of great bands. Music and friends and a whole lot of sweat (did I mention it was close to 100 degrees that day?). An awesome Denver radio station who knows how to pick em.

I am already looking forward to next year.

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  1. zipper

    You are right – these are the best fro you I have seen yet.

  2. Ben D

    That show was so out of control but these pictures make it even better!

  3. Mic

    DAMN Aimee!!!! The Ones at the top are the best.

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