Costa Rica Zipline
Oct 2014

Canopy Ziplining in Arenal, Costa Rica (video)

When we decided to visit the Guanacaste rainforest region of Costa Rica, pretty much the only thing I wanted to do was zipline. My best friend Danielle has been several times before and she speaks of the region with such reverence; I knew I needed to see it all from above. Even if I still had a lingering fear of heights.

We booked our canopy tour with Sky Adventures in Arenal Volcano Park, and they were completely professional (and fun!) from beginning to end. It was low-season, so there we not a ton of us on the tour – we ended up becoming friends with one of the couples, like, Facebook-official friends even.

The crew showed us how to zipline on two small cables that were about 10 feet off the ground. They let us practice, talked about all the safety procedures and personally, it relaxed me mucho for the big drop.

As you can see.

As the video mentions, the longest stretch across is 2,460 feet and the biggest drop is 660 feet. DUDE. But honestly, I was so much more exhilarated than scared. And so glad I rented a GoPro camera for my helmet to somewhat capture the experience, because the whole time I just kept thinking to myself: I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM DOING THIS.

Here is the extended version of our adventure, including the Costa Rican coffee break that Sky Adventures provides and when Gabriel teased me about plummeting to my death. Good times.

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    • Aimee

      Ha ha ha, so that is where it comes from!

    • Aimee

      Ha ha! I really did feel very safe, Amy!

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  3. WOW what a beautiful setting for flying!! I love zip lining and this totally looks awesome!

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