Stay by Rob Drabkin

Watch Rob Drabkin’s Beautiful New Video: “Stay (The Morning Light Fades)”

It is so inspiring when friends do creative things. I feel so lucky to have such friends all around.

Rob Drabkin was among the very first Denver musicians I ever met, when he opening for Poi Dog Pondering many moons ago. He has become a very dear friend, but also continues to write the most gorgeous songs (as well as a jingle for Stapleton or two). Lately, he has been collaborating with filmmaker Dillon Novak to make stunning music videos. This time around they also worked with a professional contemporary ballet company, and all dancing was choreographed by Amanda Copple.

The results speak for themselves.

ROB DRABKIN – stay (the morning light fades) from Dillon C. Novak on Vimeo.

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  1. Ben

    That was awesome.

  2. dillon

    Thanks Aimee for the post!

  3. Zipper

    Great video!

  4. Prasad

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