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Interview with Dan Aid of Wiredogs

It's Denver band love week! Recently I chatted with Dan Aid, lead singer of Wiredogs about their upcoming album and accompanying release show at The Marquis Theater. As always, he was candid, smart and funny. If you have never seen them, please get down to the show. They are incredible live. I know I always say that, but it's true. And not just because their drummer is my best friend's brother.
Background on the band for those who don't know? We've been a true band for about a year and a half now. I say "true" because we changed our name from The Hate to Wiredogs and really started to hone in our sound around that time. We call ourselves a punk band, but I think with this new record we've morphed into more of a rock band (whatever that means). This past year we got to play with a lot of kick-ass bands like The Bronx, Fucked Up, Authority Zero. We also got asked to be part of the Future of Music Policy Summit out in DC, and to play Riot Fest. There were a lot of great opportunities for us and also some growing pains, but I think we’re finally turning into the band we all want to be.

Wiredogs Video: “Am I The Resistance”

One of my favorite Denver bands (especially when I am in the mood for loud punk rock) is Wiredogs. I first knew them as The Hate, but the name never really suited them. They have a big sound and truly put on a raucous show (as many people will see tonight when they take the stage at Bluebird Theater with The Bronx). But they are definitely not hateful people. In fact, they are among the funniest guys I have ever met.
Too Many Humans - Denver Band

Too Many Humans + CITRA at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver

I have known Mark from Too Many Humans for quite a while. I photographed his previous band, Wiredogs, many times. Recently I finally got to shoot Too Many Humans - and lucky for me, CITRA was the opener. The place was Denver's Lost Lake Lounge (not to be confused with the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix that I recently covered). Lost Lake is one of my favorite music venues in Denver - but it's dark and small. Which makes for a great show - and tough photography. No matter for bands like TMH and CITRA. They had the whole place raging along with them. Be sure to check out Too Many Humans' excellent new album You're On Your Own. Also, CITRA has their own album release party on February 3rd at an equally small, dark and fun Denver venue, Hi-Dive on South Broadway.

CITRA Concert Photos

Too Many Humans and CITRA at Lost Lake Denver
Dan Aid - Denver Music

Interview with Dan Aid: New Album, New Direction

If you have been around the Denver music scene for any length of time, you have probably seen one of Dan Aid's bands. I have photographed his most recent group, Wiredogs, on many occasions and was excited to hear his solo EP, The Quiet Place. It's different from his punk rock roots. Moody. Mellow. Dare I say... pretty? Very cool to see a different side of someone you would think, from a Wiredogs show, is a aggressive person. But he's not. He's very approachable. Humble. Dare I say... nice? We met up last week during Rachael Yamagata's show at Larimer Lounge to chat. Dan Aid 2015

Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2015: Photos Day 3

As I keep plowing through my thousands upon thousands of photos from Denver's Underground Music Showcase, I now have Day 3 ready to go. Saturday at the music festival is ALWAYS my favorite because of the SpokesBUZZ party. This non-profit does so many great things for the Colorado music scene, not the least of which is hosting a special day at UMS. They are a music incubator that helps train and launch bands in all areas of the music business. I love to support them, so Irish Rover became my second home. My two big music discoveries that day were The Burroughs, a soulful group that were pretty much too big for the stage, both physically and musically (so we made sure to see them at the church later in the evening)... as well as Itchy-O, a bad-ass marching band that took over the unofficial Mutiny area between Broadway and Lincoln Streets. As with most things in life, Monika was already well aware of both these groups, and in fact - had she not grabbed me by the ear and pulled me into the street - I would have missed Itchy-O's Rio De Janiero party atmosphere of giant monsters and flames right here in Denver. Also in abundance (again) were appearances by violin player Josh Lee, who just this week won a long-fought immigration battle. If you saw "Free Josh Lee" t-shirts around any previous UMS, you know what I am talking about. We're glad it's all worked out so he can continue with his band Eldren, as well as sitting in with pretty much EVERYONE else in town. Basically, Saturday at UMS was awesome. Well done, Denver bands!

The Burroughs

The Burroughs - UMS 2015

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