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Conversations With Our Dog

shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ EmailNote from Aimee: I lifted this from my husband’s Facebook page. Yes, I am a thief. Dog: Hey there! Great to see ya! Ooooo, you look tired. Wanna pet me? *lick lick* I love you! You smell nice! Like a heaven cake. With angel sprinkles too! That’s you. I love
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Hard Code and Soft Skills at 360iDev Conference in Denver

shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ EmailAt the end of August, I took some time to attend the 360iDev conference here in Denver. 360iDev is the leading indie iOS/Mac developer conference in the U.S. and possibly the world. Over 4 days, iOS/Mac developers gather in Denver to share tips and techniques on everything topics like Xcode tricks,
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Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Are Coming

shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ EmailI admit it. I’m crazy excited about virtual reality and mixed reality. It’s the evolution of the day dreams I’ve had since I was a kid reading Tom Swift books. To see that we are on the path to all this becoming actual reality in my lifetime is like all
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Riot Fest 2015 in Denver, not Chicago or Toronto

shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ EmailAimee Note: I have been trying to get Bryan to write more for this site, but it took Riot Fest to make it happen. Thank you, Riot Fest. RIOT FEST. Even the name strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Well, not all parents. Cool parents bring their kids
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