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Apr 2016

Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life

For those paying attention, that is not the correct title of the book. Asha Dornfest‘s collection of tips is actually called Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids. And yes, most of these tips are directly related to parenting, pregnancy and children. But lots of them are little nuggets of wisdom that just make sense for everyday life.

Squish toilet paper rolls a bit to slow them down. Put cupcake liners in your car’s cupholder to catch debris.

What?! So darn smart.

The Parent Hacks I Wish I’d Had

My son is nearly 14 going on 40, so I read many of the baby tips with a trace of regret. Like bouncing on an exercise ball to soothe a fussy baby? Core tummy strength would have been an added bonus.

The book itself is a compact, quick read – and super cute. Craighton Berman‘s illustrations are a perfect companion for the accumulation of ideas after 10 years of blogging at Parent Hacks.

I have been a long-time fan of Asha and I’m also so proud to call her my friend. I’m now thrilled to have a fun, practical book to gift other friends who are in the trenches of parenting.


Parent Hacks - Genius Tips for Parenting Book

Feb 2006

Another Successful Playdate

Sophia invited us over for dinner and playdate last night (OK, her mom and I have been arranging it for weeks, so what). But the kids had a blast – and it is always so neat to see Declan really having fun with a friend that he doesn’t see every day at school (we are still working on his shyness thing). We were also amazed how the 2 of them decided that where they wanted to play was the smallest, crampiest corner of the basement. Isn’t that always the way with kids?

I had 2 highlights of the evening. First, as they were all wrestling on the big orange chair… Bryan included… Sophia turned to Bryan with this exasperated tone and said, “Don’t you ever get tired?” We about died. She has got his number.

The next… I lived vicariously through Declan and Sophia as they stood on a stool together and sang the entire song “Doe A Deer” from Sound of Music… every note, from soup to nuts. Getting Declan to sing the songs from the Sound of Music is the only was I can get Bryan to tolerate them – and now Declan has a partner in crime, bwaa haa haa!

I wasn’t fully prepared with camera the 1st time they burst into song… but this video shows their second attempt, which dissolved into giggling and a coughing fit. Sophia must have just been so overcome with joy to sing Julie Andrew’s part. I know how she feels.

=Doe A Deer= (You need QuickTime)

And here are good old fashioned photos of them being gigglemonsters, too.

Isn’t she just totally adorable?

And herein lies the danger of the digital age. Augie was showing me his pic just as I was taking my pic.

Feb 2006

Genius, Pure Genius

We have been trying to teach Declan to get up by himself and go potty at night. The side effect of this is finding him just sitting in the hallway at night, in the dark and goofing around.

As a side note, we still have been trying to give up his puppies… to no avail.

Last night, in a moment of true parental inspiration, Bryan told Declan that for every time he gets up and does not go potty, we take one puppy away.

Haven’t heard a peep from him since.