Jan 2012

Ice Castles in Silverthorne are AMAZING!

Isn’t it weird when you find out there are amazing things right in your backyard? Well, not literally your back yard – in this case I mean a quick drive up the hill to Silverthorne – but here in Colorado – that is our backyard – right?

The Ice Castles (the place, not the movie) contacted Mile High Mamas (who is running a contest for tickets through the 26th, by the way) and while I have been a bad little Mile High Mama lately with all my life craziness, I still love being part of the group and jumped up and down at the chance to go see THIS in person:

Ice Castles Silverthorne

We happened to go on a 50 degree day, when the sun was melting the ice like crazy, and I was able to walk around in just a fleece. But that made for some good photography time.

Ice Castles Silverthorne

And good OH MY GAWD time.

Ice Castles SilverthorneIce Castles Silverthorne

And good Declan wants to play with chunks of ice time.

Ice Castles SilverthorneIce Castles Silverthorne

And good “Is this actually real?” time.

Ice Castles Silverthorne
Ice Castles SilverthorneIce Castles Silverthorne
Ice Castles Silverthorne

But, while the day was spectacular – the night was INSANE.

Ice Castles SilverthorneIce Castles Silverthorne

Where walking through the different sections was totally different from the morning.

Ice Castles Silverthorne

Well worth the return trip.

Ice Castles Silverthorne

Well worth ANY trip.

And since the Ice Castles change all winter long – while the crew builds them icicle by icicle and Mother Nature adjusts their texture and form with every weather pattern – we’ll be back for sure.

Full Flickr set is here!


Blogger Disclosure: My entrance and accommodations were covered by Ice Castles and Keystone Resort. All thoughts, words, and images are mine.

Oct 2011

Denver Zombie Crawl – Our Annual Halloween Treat

I know I blather on about this every year, but every year it gets more awesome.


My friend Danny started this crazy thing six years ago and it’s grown exponentially. 2010 made us the Guinness World Champs with 7,300 zombies. Portland briefly held the record, but the application has been sent for 2011 – which looks to contain about 16,000 crawlers attacking the 16th Street Mall.

Early estimates were placing it closer to 25,000, and there were issues with sound early in the night, making people disperse quicker than they have in the past – so I am not surprised by that huge number. I have NEVER seen THAT MANY PEOPLE downtown on the mall in all 18 years we have lived in Denver.

Here is a sample of the craziness we got goin’ on.

ZombieCrawl2011_06 ZombieCrawl2011_10 ZombieCrawl2011_07
ZombieCrawl2011_14 ZombieCrawl2011_16 ZombieCrawl2011_36
ZombieCrawl2011_35 ZombieCrawl2011_26 ZombieCrawl2011_41
ZombieCrawl2011_37 ZombieCrawl2011_55 ZombieCrawl2011_28

OK. So only 364 days till next Halloween, right???

P.S. Here are my Denver Zombie Crawl photos from all years.

Sep 2011

Gimme The Gig : Bop Skizzum

Yeah, it’s clear that I love our local bands, right? Several of our friends are participating in a competition from Ford called Gimme The Gig, where they could win a producing session with Don Was. (Any of you old enough to remember Walk the Dinosaur? He went on to be one of the biggest producers eh-verr.)

This is a totally UNsponsored post, and has nothing to do with my previous adventures with Ford. It has everything to do with voting for, and supporting great music.

You can vote for bands at GimmeTheGig.com.

My suggestions are:

Rob Drabkin

Petals of Spain


And yes, my very favorite, close friend Andy and his band Bop Skizzum:

Sep 2011

Denver Broncos Kickoff Kid!

I’ve talked before about how we are connected to football through my father-in-law. He was a great fan, and played the game in college. He almost played professionally, but a terrible accident cut that short.

He would have been blown away by what his grandson experienced last weekend.


Red Robin Burgers and the Denver Broncos invited us to be on the sidelines for their “Kickoff Kid” program during the August 27th pre-season game.

Sidelines as in SIDELINES.


We stayed there the whole game, the only non-staff to do so.

It was surreal.


Declan was tasked with running out on the field every time the Broncos had a kickoff – he had to pick up the tee, salute the appropriate goal, and run back off as soon as possible.



I have never done sports photography but it was fun to try my hand at it for a night.

Broncos_20 Broncos_21 Broncos_22

Broncos_25 Broncos_23 Broncos_32

Even more fun to watch my kid do THIS:

And hang out with THESE GUYS:

Broncos_05 Broncos_38

And to think about my father-in-law loving every minute of it.


P.S. In case you are wondering, we played the Seattle Seahawks. The same night these guys moved to Seattle.

P.P.S. Those last two dudes are hall-of-famer Karl Mecklenburg and wide receiver Eddie Royal. Both were incredibly nice, and Eddie even jumped off the bench and gave Declan his game gloves when he saw him wearing the #19 jersey.

P.P.P.S. We’ll probably watch football more often now. Seeing as Declan can’t stop talking about that night.

P.P.P.P.S. I think it’s pretty obvious, but Red Robin and the Broncos provided this opportunity for us. But they didn’t make me gush on and on. That was all me.

P.P.P.P.P.S. The rest of my photos are here.


The Red Robin Facebook page will collect entries from 8/29/11 to 9/18/11. Winning kids must be Colorado residents, age 6-12.