Jun 2011

Get CLEARed for Father’s Day

I kinda drive Bryan crazy with this thing I do. Well, many things, really, but this one thing I do when waiting in lines.

I sway.

But not just leisurely back and forth like I’m mindlessly dreaming of piña coladas on the beach… I sway with determination. Feet planted apart, hip jerk, hip jerk… back and forth like Julia Child beating some eggs into submission. Not that I would now about that really, since I don’t ever cook. Maybe it’s more like Erkel trying to dance. But FIERCE. Either way, I think I usually look like I am about to kill someone.

Point being, I don’t like waiting in lines.

Especially annoying lines.

Like those at the airport.

I mean no disrespect to our fellow man, but … (because, of course, when someone starts a sentence like that, loads of disrespect to follow) … you people are lousy travelers.

WHY are you chatting it up with the TSA officers checking your boarding pass? WHY are you not ready to move when the line moves? WHY do you get in the “expert traveler” line with your four kids? WHY do you not know about the liquids rules by now? WHY are you on your cell phone when you should be paying attention? WHY do you keep trying to get your fingernail clippers on the plane? WHY do you not take your belt off while waiting in line for 20 minutes? WHY do you wear shoes with intricate laces to the airport?

The shoes, people. THE SHOES!!!


I know most people don’t fly as often as I do, but how many of the gajillion people in the airport have NEVER flown? I would maybe give that ONE PERSON A DAY who is a newbie to the airport some slack, but the rest of you?


It makes me stare longingly at the CLEAR line every single time I fly. You know, the line where you are pre-screened and you zoom past all the people I mentioned above? (Because I know none of YOU are those people I mentioned above.)

So, when CLEAR told me about their Father’s Day promotion, I was excited to check it out, and share it with you.

In honor of Father’s Day, CLEAR is launching their Share Your Story tab on Facebook. Now through Father’s Day, you can share personal travel stories and adventures and get a free family plan upgrade where you can bring your family or partner with you through the CLEAR lane!

Hopefully *I* won’t be the one you discuss there. That annoyingly crazy lady behind you in line who won’t stop swaying in the oddly fanatical way.

P.S. If you are flying out of Denver or Orlando on Sunday, the CLEAR lanes will be giving away free ties. CUTE!

Feb 2006

Nighttime Snow

There is something magical about going to bed when the first flakes start flying. You’re all cozy in bed, snuggled up with a book… dreamily watching the white stuff coming down in that eery nighttime way – where you can only really see it through the street lamp light, but you can just feel it swirling all around your house.

Oh, who am I kidding? – I am sure it’s more to do with the residual excitement from childhood about the possibility of having the day off tomorrow.

But alas, the snow is not deep enough this morning to cancel anything… but just enough to make for a slick and slippery commute. Whoop-dee-doo for Mother Nature.

UPDATE: I know it’s been an absolute Bryan Lovefest this week – but watching him sneakily shovel the little old lady’s driveway across the street makes my heart go thump thump.

Feb 2006

Mall Fruit

We often go to the mall to play on the oversized breakfast foods. Declan calls them simply “The Mall Fruit,” but there are also waffles, eggs, sausage and bacon. This little slice of heaven is heavily padded and a place for kids to run around like maniacs and burn off more energy than the Exxon Valdez.

What is interesting to me, every time we go, I notice what a microcosm The Mall Fruit is for High School. There are the jocks, the prom queens, the leaders, the followers, the geeks, the punks… And even a few juvenile delinquents. Generally my son falls into the geek territory. Not that that is a bad thing. My husband was, and is, a total geek, but is a fabulous (and wicked smart) person. But my heart aches as Declan looks on, wants to join in, but just doesn’t quite now how to do it (and I definitely know how he feels).