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May 2015

Design Mom: The Book & Denver Book Tour Stop

I know I met Gabrielle Blair at SXSW Interactive. It was really early in this blog, and she had Kirtsy with Laura and Laurie. I loved all three of them instantly and I’m proud to call all of them good friends. Then there was the time that Gabby lived in Colorado and I got to see her (slightly) more often – but most times, I just stalk her online like everyone else does.

Gracious. That is one word that I have seen used to describe Gaby’s book, but I would say that is pretty much her whole being. If anyone can float around the room and make you more calm with her presence, it’s her. So *OF COURSE* her book feels just like that too.

Even though you marvel at how she manages life with six kids. And creates such a beautiful site. With all those lovely photos. And kick-butt ideas.

Design Mom Book Continue reading…

Jun 2014

Rdio’s Interface Changes Bug Me

I have been singing the praises of Rdio so long you’d think I work there. I share their playlists, I make people join, I listen to it all day long (with our paid family subscription). I often talk about how much I prefer the Rdio interface to Spotify, particularly in terms of a discovery service that gives me data about what my friends are listening to – and shapes my music accordingly.

But lately there have been some major changes to the way albums and playlists appear in the desktop, and frankly, I am ticked off. I know I am 44 years old and have aging eyes, but the way that tech companies are catering to young hipsters (hello, iOS7) is irritating. IF anyone is doing usability testing, they are doing it with like-minded peers – and that sucks. Continue reading…

Feb 2014

ROAR Retreat in Costa Rica #ROAR14

Ever since I went out on my own with Giese Media, I have had exceptional luck with clients. Even better, exceptional luck with clients coming back. After we launched the new Savvy Sassy Moms and Child Mode sites, their (separate) founders came back to me with a (collaborative) idea.

ROAR Retreat will be a social media conference held this fall in Costa Rica, where Andrea of SSM has relocated with her family. The idea revolves around bringing bloggers together to share ideas, to get empowered and to build community. Continue reading…

Dec 2013

Dr. Who Tardis Gingerbread House

Dex has becomes obsessed with pastry lately. Not really eating it, but decorating it. He loves Cake Boss, and a bunch of YouTube channels that frankly I can’t remember the name of because we are hitting that generation gap where he likes stuff that is cool and I have no idea what he is talking about.

Last night Bryan and Dex hijacked two standard gingerbread house kits to combine decoration fun with the other new obsession in our house: Dr. Who.

May I present the Tardis that will grace our dining room until Christmas or until the dog eats it, whichever comes first.

Dr Who Gingerbread House

Dec 2013

Win a Year Subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium!

Note: This post is sponsored by Microsoft in that they are providing the giveaways. All words are mine.

While I have always been a Mac girl, I have also always used Microsoft Office. I started my professional life just as desktop computers were taking over the world (thus showing my antiquity) and it was a huge relief when Word, Excel and PowerPoint started playing nice with my OS. Would it surprise you to know that I kick butt at spreadsheets? When you are bad at math and co-own a company, it becomes essential.

As a designer, I have always used the Adobe suite of products (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver). Recently, they moved their apps to a cloud-based service called Creative Cloud – which means you download them from the internet much like we do apps for our phones. No more CDs; in fact my new MacBookPro does not even have a CD/DVD slot.

I remember hearing a speech by Bill Gates once… or perhaps he was quoted in an article (remember, my old age)… where he talked about the future of software. How it would all be in the cloud and the internet would be so fast we would just access everything there. This must have been forever ago, because had I thought the idea was sooooooo far-fetched.

Turns out the future is now, and the first step in that direction is here! Microsoft Office is moving to a similar subscription style service for their products, and honestly I am thrilled. As a small business owner or a personal user, you can break up these large software costs to monthly or yearly fees, and have the latest updates when you need them.

I was already up to the latest version of Office when Microsoft contacted me, so I asked if I could pass the giveaway along to you all. They are kindly giving away three (3) subscriptions for a year of Office 365 Premium! There are more details below, but enter via the Rafflecopter widget now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 

Family Fun: If you can’t be with your family and friends this holiday season, the new Office can help bring you together. A subscription to Office 365 Home Premium comes with 60 minutes of Skype calls, so you can wish them a “happy holidays” face-to-face.

DIY: Create personalized holiday gift cards, invites and more with Microsoft Office 365 on your Windows 8 device. Upload your creations to SkyDrive and access them on the go from your Windows Phone!

Gift idea for the family under $100: A one-year subscription (US$99.99) includes the applications you know and love (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook) on up to 5 PCs/Macs, plus an additional 20GB of SkyDrive cloud storage.