Daniel Tiger Baby Sister Margaret
Aug 2014

Daniel Tiger is Getting a Baby Sister!

I have worked with PBS Kids for a long time. My kid is almost 12, so we are pretty much at the age of graduating out of their demographic, but here is the thing. Dex still loves watching their shows, and so do I. We also have our best friends’ son who is six, and just the other night he and I watched Peg + Cat together and giggled our booties off. PBS Kids is eternal.

I was lucky enough to become friends with and also work with the executive producer of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Angela Santomero before the show launched. I was there with her and my fellow PBS Kids ambassadors at the PBS Annual Meeting when the show was introduced to all the local stations, with an amazing mix of nostalgia for Mister Rogers and excitement for the future of his messages.

But now, the coolest thing ever!
There is a new chapter for Daniel, arriving on August 18th:
A BABY SISTER! Continue reading…

Veronica Mars TV series
Mar 2014

Veronica Mars Newbie

I’m thinking the years from 2002-2012 were a television wasteland for us because it was the first decade of our son’s life and we were busy. It was also the years of Netflix DVDs rather than streaming and well before Hulu Plus. Recently, we have completely changed how we absorb entertainment, in that it is less movies and more TV – basically binging on those past episodes of shows that everyone talks about but we just never got to.

My most recent gorging event was all three seasons of the cult-classic Veronica Mars. I had heard of the outrageously successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie, and I wanted to see what the hype was about before its premiere on March 14th. I got addicted, hard. Now I know why everyone liked it so much. Really, really, really, good writing. Real life (harsh) situations that kids deal with. Stuff that make me super scared as my son enters teendom – but still, yeah, I am not THAT old. I remember that stuff. Which makes it even scarier. Continue reading…

Feb 2014

New Friends Video from My Body Sings Electric

Well, actually I am proud to call these guys old friends. At least relatively, since I am decrepitly aged enough to be a mother to most of them – or at least an aunt, or big sister? (Let’s not go there.) But clearly My Body Sings Electric will be making lots of new friends this year as their new album blows up. Continue reading…

Jan 2014

Best Songs of 2013

Note: This post is not sponsored or linked to sales sites in any way. 

All year long, I have been adding to my favorite songs of 2013 playlist, and it ended up being triple the size of last year’s list – over 160 songs total. I love indie and alternative the most, but pop, rock, R&B, soul, funk – you name it – everything is represented.

What a great year for music, with a nice Christmas surprise from Beyoncé. (Seriously – watch the videos. They are masterpieces.) I have had a tremendous time photographing bands, and listening to new tunes.

Who says the music industry is dead? It is just getting started.

Dec 2013

Riot Fest Denver 2013 – Day 1 Photos

Note: Riot Fest provided tickets for the event but all words and photos are mine.

There was a really fun weekend in September where I was able to take my 11 year old son (who just turned 11 that week) to see some of the most amazing bands of my lifetime. Riot Fest was held way east of Denver in a field at May Farms, and all that open sky actually gave me a feeling of agoraphobia. It also gave us a great view of the three massive stages where bands Blink 182, AWOLNation, Public Enemy, Iggy & The Stooges and The Replacements played their faces off for two days. Continue reading…