Colorado Vacation Spot: Snow Mountain Ranch
Mar 2015

Colorado Vacation Spot: Snow Mountain Ranch

What a difference a few weeks make here in Colorado. At the end of February, we visited the YMCA of the Rockies’ Winter Park location, Snow Mountain Ranch. We were up to our knees in snow – although, granted – it was our “dry snow,” where my kid ends up running around in short sleeves while playing in it. Meanwhile Spring is here down in Denver, and I am wearing shorts today. Such is the weather this time of year here; be prepared for anything. (In fact, we head back up to the mountains for Spring Break this year, so we’re doing another snow dance now.)

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Dec 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

We usually do more on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day, so computers are about to be shut down and cooking to commence. Lots of German food including rouladen, dumplings, red cabbage and… you know, that super traditional German food, pumpkin pie. Our families are back eEast and we miss them, but at least we have our best friends here in Denver.

We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season, whatever you may celebrate. Much love from us to you.

Merry Christmas

Dec 2014

Parenting To Yourself

Bryan stayed home with Dex for the first two years; it’s always given them a special bond. I have never been jealous (OK, maybe just a little), but I have always attributed their ability to get along to time spent and compatible interests. Not to say that Dex and I don’t have a good relationship, or that we don’t have our own special things we do together. It’s just that we’ve always been able to push each others buttons more than anyone else, ever.

As Dex approaches teenhood (he’s nearly 12.5), it’s becoming more and more clear this is actually because we are so much alike. We both like (need) to be right. We both get defensive (angry) when pushed into a corner. We both get emotional (illogical) when we feel attacked.

One thing no one ever tells you when having kids is how it feels to parent your own face. A lot of people talk about how Dex looks like Bryan, and he does. But his eyes are mine. So I am looking into my own face as I watch my son become a full-blown teen and exhibit full-blown teen behaviors. When I mention this to my mom, I only get a little snicker – or sometimes silence – basically to be interpreted as: PAYBACKS. Continue reading…

Lumia Tablet For Seniors
Nov 2014

Setting Up a Tablet for The Seniors In Your Life

Let me just preface this with the fact that my aunt is just barely a “senior citizen” by age and she sure doesn’t act elderly (ha ha ha) but she has been retired for some time and has had health issues that have restricted her movements. Most times she uses a walker and sometimes uses a wheelchair… and her computer is on it’s last legs. Rather than replacing a desktop where she had to continually sit in one uncomfortable spot to use, I knew we had to get her a tablet.

I reached out to my friends at Microsoft Lumia and they loved the idea of helping Aunt Heidi out. I decided they should send the tablet to me, I would set it up, and then bring it to her when I was visiting recently. Again, let me say, for the sake of my Christmas presents, my aunt is certainly not stupid. She could have done all this herself. But in this time where technology moving so quickly, it was just so much easier for me to get it all ready for her and then spend our time together teaching her the tablet. And doing touristy stuff. Continue reading…

Summer Tubing Hill - Snow Mountain Ranch
Sep 2014

Summer Tubing Hill
at YMCA’s Snow Mountain Ranch

Note: Accommodations were provided by Snow Mountain Ranch but all photos, video and words are ours.

We have visited Winter Park many times, with and without YMCA of the Rockies and the tubing hills in the area are one of our favorite attractions. When Snow Mountain Ranch told me they were opening a SUMMER tubing hill, I knew we had to go check out. For this trip, our best friends came along, so the six of us shared a cabin as well as all the fun activities there are to do on site.

Our favorite thing, by far, was the new summer tubing hill.

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