Funny conversations with our dog.
Nov 2016

Conversations With Our Dog

Note from Aimee: I lifted this from my husband’s Facebook page. Yes, I am a thief.

Dog: Hey there! Great to see ya! Ooooo, you look tired. Wanna pet me? *lick lick* I love you! You smell nice! Like a heaven cake. With angel sprinkles too! That’s you. I love you. I just want to lick you! *lick lick* How was your day?

Me: Thanks, I’m tired. Feeling sick, but had a ton to do so had to work hard all day. Good to be done. Now I can relax. How about you?

D: My day was great! I got up, got to see you. Then we walked for a while. I love walking with you. We saw a CAT! Then we got back and I ate. That was good. Then I took a long nap, oh did that feel good. *lick lick* Then I got up, shit all over the living room, then took another nap. I had no idea I was so tired. Then I went out in the yard for a while. There was a SQUIRREL. I can’t catch them because they are fast. And now you are back, so this is AWESOME! *lick lick* I love this day! I love you!

M: Hang on. Back to that part in the middle…
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Best Funny Tweets
Feb 2015

Funny Tweets from January 2015

It’s a new year, let’s get some laughs in. I love following funny people on Twitter and here are some of my favorites from January 2015.

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Nov 2014

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer: Popsicle Ship

Trust me, we love Stars Wars. We had to watch the new trailer several times this morning because we were jumping up and down to much to see it the first time. The Force Awakens indeed. Our son will be past PG-13 age when it comes out so he will actually see it in the theater with us. It looks awesome.

But seriously? Popsicle Ship?

Star Wars Tatooine Popsicle Ship

Nonetheless, I have complete faith in JJ Abrams and Bad Robot that it will be awesome.

If you missed the trailer due to your food coma today, here it is in it’s glory: