Nov 2014

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer: Popsicle Ship

Trust me, we love Stars Wars. We had to watch the new trailer several times this morning because we were jumping up and down to much to see it the first time. The Force Awakens indeed. Our son will be past PG-13 age when it comes out so he will actually see it in the theater with us. It looks awesome.

But seriously? Popsicle Ship?

Star Wars Tatooine Popsicle Ship

Nonetheless, I have complete faith in JJ Abrams and Bad Robot that it will be awesome.

If you missed the trailer due to your food coma today, here it is in it’s glory:

Best Tweets Twitter Thanksgiving 2014
Nov 2014

Funny Tweets from November, Thanksgiving & Black Friday

My picks for best humor tweets this month with (of course) high emphasis on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy!

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Funny Tweets of Twitter - October 2014
Oct 2014

Funny Tweets from October 2014

Here is the latest collection of fun (and funny) tweets from some of my favorite people on Twitter. Enjoy!

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Funny Tweets of September 2014
Oct 2014

Funny Tweets of Twitter – September 2014

Yeah, I know it is October, but I have been in Costa Rica so hopefully I get some slack. Here are some funny tweets I have been saving from the month of September 2014.

Favorite, follow and enjoy!

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Monkey Ape Selfie
Sep 2014


Dex started taking Spanish classes last year in 6th grade. We were stunned by how much he was learning, and how fast. His middle school teacher has been using an immersion method, where she just gets them talking. Awesome, but hard for this type-a mom to not correct conjugation. But after a year, I have learned to shut my mouth, listen to him tell me about Spanish class and DO NOT interject.

Him: I learned the word for monkey today!

Me: Hmm!

Him: Now I can call you a crazy monkey! Tu es un mono loco!

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