Spandau Ballet 2015

Interview with Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet - The StorySeeing as I am a teen from the 80s, of course I was excited when I saw that Spandau Ballet was going on an American tour for the first time in 28 years. When their PR firm reached out and asked me to do an interview with Tony Hadley, it was a "dancing in your office" kind of day. This is one of that group of bands who are the soundtrack of my life. The crazy thing is when Tony got on the phone with me, he was incredibly nice, incredibly candid about the band's break up ... and had lots to say about what they're up to now as well as what he's doing personally. I went from fan girl to someone who is genuinely intrigued with this band... who had such massive success, then imploded, worked independently for 20+ years, and came back together to celebrate the past as well as record new material. In addition to the new music, there was a documentary about them called Soul Boys of the Western World that premiered at SXSW last year. It was this film that derailed my chances of seeing (and photographing) Spandau Ballet because right after I interviewed Tony, they where able to secure American distribution of the movie, for which they rerouted the tour - and had to drop the Denver date. You can imagine my disappointment! Still, I had my chat with Tony which was absolutely lovely, and I look forward to seeing the film. Friends in LA who saw the shows there said they was fantastic, so I will include the rest of the tour dates below.

Interview with Dan Aid of Wiredogs

It's Denver band love week! Recently I chatted with Dan Aid, lead singer of Wiredogs about their upcoming album and accompanying release show at The Marquis Theater. As always, he was candid, smart and funny. If you have never seen them, please get down to the show. They are incredible live. I know I always say that, but it's true. And not just because their drummer is my best friend's brother.
Background on the band for those who don't know? We've been a true band for about a year and a half now. I say "true" because we changed our name from The Hate to Wiredogs and really started to hone in our sound around that time. We call ourselves a punk band, but I think with this new record we've morphed into more of a rock band (whatever that means). This past year we got to play with a lot of kick-ass bands like The Bronx, Fucked Up, Authority Zero. We also got asked to be part of the Future of Music Policy Summit out in DC, and to play Riot Fest. There were a lot of great opportunities for us and also some growing pains, but I think we’re finally turning into the band we all want to be.
Sam Lee

Interview With Sam Lee About His Storyteller Video Series

One thing that is about the Denver music scene is some people realize that other cities are better fit and move away. Such is the case with singer-songwriter Sam Lee, who moved to Nashville this year. Lucky for us he still has family and friends in Denver and I was able to catch up with him recently to talk about his new Storyteller video series that are being released every Wednesday throughout the month - and into the new year.
Me: Tell me about Storyteller. Sam Lee: It started out as just a bunch of videos I made in Nashville this year. They were live recordings in Warner/Chapell Studios with musicians there and we wanted to release them as sort of the series, so we decided to do one a week to build the idea of songwriting and storytelling. Me: Do the five songs connect? Sam Lee: Not exactly. The songs I wrote this year have been about the transition from Denver to Nashville and the changes in my life regarding that. There has been some loneliness, of course, with the move and going from such a supportive scene in Denver to not knowing anyone in Nashville. I've talked about this a lot but I went through some bouts of depression and the songs I've been writing recently have been a tonic for that. Me: The videos are recorded live? Sam Lee: Yes. Usually in Denver the studios use the multitracking which means each instrument is recorded separately and brought together in production. In Nashville, it's more common to record live together and I've never been exposed to that. It brought some magic and enthusiasm for crafting the music back to life for me.
My Body Sings Electric - Riot Fest

My Body Sings Electric Interview + Win Riot Fest Denver Tickets

Note: Riot Fest provided tickets for this contest and MBSE provided their insanity.
Guess what. Riot Fest is fast approaching and it is going to be awesome. The lineup is filling out and just this week it was announced that Denver bands The Epilogues, Wiredogs, In The Whale and The Dendrites have been added to the bill along with headliners The Cure, Weezer, The National, Social Distortion, Flaming Lips, Primus, and Rise Against. Several locals were already playing, including one of my personal favorites, My Body Sings Electric. I honestly have no idea when I met these guys; they feel like they have been our friends forever. I know they played my former school fundraiser in 2012 with no questions asked, and people still talk about their performance. In the photo above, they are (L-R): Brandon Whalen (vocals), Nick Crawford (guitar), Ben Scarboro (drums), Jeff Fedel (guitar), and Jason Bower (bass). Jason recently took time off from arguing with me on Twitter to answer burning questions about the band.

Katie Herzig Interview

I chatted with Katie Herzig last week about her new album "Walk Through Walls," her connection with Colorado and her process of making music. She was incredibly nice and down to earth. I love this album possibly more than her previous work (although, let's be honest, I love them all). Katie-Herzig-2453-by-Heidi-Ross

Tell me about growing up in Colorado.

I grew up in in Fort Collins, then went to college in Boulder and then played in a band in Boulder for four years after school. I moved to Nashville seven years ago to pursue a solo career. I still come back to visit often because I have family spread out around Colorado. There is a strong musical connection between Nashville artists and Colorado artists; in fact, I met people from Nashville who invited me to visit and that ultimately led to my move.
In The Whale - Denver Band Interview

In The Whale : Denver Street Interview

No joke. One of my favorite bands in Colorado is made up of just two guys, Nate Valdez and Eric Riley. This duo is able to make some really loud, really good rock and roll and have fun while doing it. I was able to interview them last week on a street corner (literally) before another show here in town.

Charming Liars Interview & Photos

Note: The Uproar Festival provided me tickets to this show, but all words (other than the band's) and photos are mine.Earlier this fall, I was able to attend the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, a big festival held at Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre, a venue I…

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