Nov 2005

Wind Power

A friend who joined us for trick-or-treating was asking me if we were happy with Windsource, Colorado’s wind energy program. Can you say HELL YEAH!? This program allows you to sign up (and pay a little extra) for energy generated at Northern Colorado wind farms (if you have ever been up there, you know there is a butt-load of wind up there.) Apparently, Colorado has the largest volunteer program of this kind in the country. Proving that we are not as red state as some may believe. All I know is, it makes me blissfully happy to know that 100% of my electricity comes from a renewable source. (shhh… don’t tell anyone it really doesn’t cost that much).

Nov 2005

Allergy Testing

Tomorrow we learn the fate of our cat, Finn. Both Declan and I are getting allergy skin tested, and we suspect Declan has a cat allergy like his Daddy. I am really looking forward to watching my son get pricked by a needle about a 100 times, and even more so, I can’t wait to go through it myself. Worse yet will be when we see a huge welt on Declan’s back when they insert kitty fur.