Colorado Wedding Portraits by Aimee Giese
Oct 2017

So Much Love: Amy + Nick Wedding Photos

I don’t often photograph weddings but when I do – it’s the most fun when it’s friends. Nick and Amy are half of a fantastic band in Fort Collins named Post Paradise and we have been going to their shows for years. I was honored to capture their special day – and what clearly is a special relationship between them, their family and friends.

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Oct 2017

Dear Mom

First of all, happy birthday! Normally at this time, we would be sleepily gathering around the speaker phone to call and sing as off-key to you as possible.

Secondly, we miss you.

It’s been a rough seven months since you passed, both for our family and for the world. I think I only have just started the process of grieving you because there’ve been so many other things to go through along the way. If I am being honest, I have had some anger because of the way your affairs were left and the messes I have had to clean up, but I understand that it was difficult for you to do anything differently. I also feel incredibly lucky to be able to put work on hold while I handle things.

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Jul 2017

Goodbye Sweet Poe

This is one of those posts I feel I should write, but I don’t have much to say.

We’re heartbroken.

When Poe came to us, we knew that Bernese Mountain Dogs had an extremely short lifespan, but didn’t quite realize how fast time would fly. Only eight and a half years with the sweetest dog ever.

Yes, he could be seriously whiney. And anxious. And over the top obsessed with Bryan (who isn’t?)… but even behind all that scaredy cat dog was the most sensitive and kind heart. Eyes you could melt in. An 85 pound lap dog.

In the end, his back-end was paralysed and watching him walk would be funny if you weren’t petrified he could truly hurt himself. There were lumps of cancer all over, and just no way to help him.

This week we said goodbye to Poe, right before the Fourth of July so he wouldn’t stress over all those loud booms that sound like thunder. Because every single day was incrementally worse and to wait any longer was cruel.

We’ve been trading stories with friends who knew Poe, knew what a sloppy goofball he was, either online or IRL, because the loss hurts either way. For years, when I have said “my boys” I meant three of them. Pets are part of the family, and this big guy will be missed forever.

Goodbye, sweet Poe.

Poe, Bernese Mountain Dog Poe, Bernese Mountain Dog


Apr 2017

Music Lover

Clearly I love music. Sometimes I feel like a freak because of how much I love music. My first job was in a record store. I can’t stand it when there is silence in the house; I have music on all the time.

Growing up, my mom didn’t care one way or the other about music. But there were three things that played in our house: German polka music, Elvis Presley, and Billy Joel.

As I grew up, I made mix tape upon mix tape – then CDs – to try and expand my mom’s horizons. She just did not care. Continue reading…

Mar 2017

Hummel Nights

I picked up my habit of collecting Hummels from my German family and my mom in particular. I was able to take a few of hers home with me after she passed last month and my favorite is on the mantel.

I have been doing fairly well with her loss, but as everyone knows, the pain comes and goes.

I have taken to going out and saying goodnight to the Hummel at the mantel, something Bryan didn’t know till last night.

He has been super supportive through all this, so he went out with me.

We’re standing there in the dim light, very quiet and peaceful… and he says, “Just be sure to tell me if it ever says goodnight back.”