Nov 2005


An online mommy friend just had to put their dog down, and it made me very sad… especially when thinking of the day when our dog will join the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky. We have had our beloved Rio (yes, as in, “she dances on the sand”) for nearly 10 years, and she was 2 when we adopted her, and Chows usually live to around 12 years old. She is starting to have trouble getting up steps, getting into the truck, and just generally getting around.

Rio is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs on the planet. She turned me around actually – because I never was a “dog person” before meeting her. Some people recoil when they see that we have a Chow, but don’t get me started on my “there are no bad Chows, just owners who don’t know how to raise them to be sociable” speech. (Insert Bryan rolling his eyes.) And Rio is pretty much the best example of Chow out there… In fact, our homeowners insurance agent went to bat for her and got an exception to their (stupid) policy that will not cover Chows.

What is not to love?

Nov 2005

The man who both Bryan and I have a crush on.

If you don’t recognize him, it’s Henry Rollins. Formerly of the punk band Black Flag, currently dabbles in just about everything media related. Saw him do 3 hours of spoken word in Boulder last night and per usual, he was fucking awesome. Hilariously funny, but also magnificent at seeing through the bullshit of the world. For example, he has now done 6 USO tours for the troops – some of which to the most dangerous places in the world – yet hates Bush. Proving that you can love your country, support the troops, but still loudly question your leaders.

Oh, and my new phrase that I plan to use all the time, that I picked up from Henry last night? “I was so mad, I wanted to eat my hair.” Love it.

Nov 2005

End of the Puppies.

Bryan just called. Declan had a dental checkup this morning. First off, he did AWESOME. He let the dentist do all sorts of poking and prodding…. and his teeth look really good. WTG Dex! BUT. The dentist says he needs to get rid of his “lovie”- OH MY GOD. His lovie is actually a set of 14 blue stuffed puppies, whose ears he sucks whenever he is tired, upset or just needs some luff (to quote Luka Bloom). The dentist says that the sucking has moved his teeth about 6mm already… and that adult teeth follow the pattern of baby teeth… So the sucking is only going to continue to make it worse. Eek.

He got his first Puppy from Oma while still in the NICU… That original puppy was bigger than Declan was. As he grew, he developed a taste for their ears, and we stockpiled puppies to be able to wash and rotate them.

Sigh… How the hell are we going to get this kid to give them up???

Nov 2005

About Us

Both “Greeble” and “Monkey” were my son’s nicknames while he was in my belly. So Greeblemonkey is where I document our lives. I am a graphic designer/web developer from Denver who loves music and movies and the two goofballs I live with. I take pottery classes and also actively pursue photography as a hobby. And when I say pursue, I mean chase my husband Bryan and my son Declan around the house with a camera.

Bryan and I grew up in Maryland but moved to Denver over 13 years ago. Denver is definitely home for us now. We’ve been married over a decade and Bryan is the funniest person I know. Except maybe Declan, who is quickly climbing the ranks.

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