FIDLAR concert photos from Gothic Theatre Denver
Dec 2016

FIDLAR and SWMRS Concert at Gothic Theatre

I’ve seen FIDLAR once before, at a small club, and the crowd was raucous. But their November 2016 show at the Gothic Theatre with SWMRS was way different. Bordering on out of control – in a good way. Perhaps it was angst over the recent election, but the air was electric. (SWMRS lead singer Cole Becker added to the atmosphere with his hand-painted “Fuck Trump” t-shirt.)

Yeah, it was nuts. People were crowd surfing before the bands even started! And after they came out? The entire Gothic was shaking. Not to get too esoteric about it, but I definitely needed that night of rock n’ roll.

FIDLAR and SWMRS at the Gothic – Concert Photos


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Fort Collins band Slow Caves concert photos from Denver's Lost Lake
Dec 2016

Slow Caves at Lost Lake in Denver

2016 has been a weird year all around, but there are still many things to celebrate. A great example is Slow Caves. This band from Fort Collins (who have been all but adopted by Denver) made some major waves this year. They released a new video and were nominated for a 2016 Westword Music Award. The guys (comprised and two brothers and four friends) have played all over the state all year long. Just last month, the band landed a deal with Old Flame Records.

I got to see them at Denver’s Lost Lake recently – an intimate room in the Bluebird District that is bringing in great acts after shaking off its dive bar roots. Slow Caves is a great rock n’ roll  show; the band is young, talented, and sincerely nice people.

They embark on a quick West Coast tour in January and then return to Lost Lake in March.

Guess who will be there???

Slow Caves Concert Photos

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Best Songs of 2016 Spotify Playlist: Indie, Alternative, Rock, and Pop Music
Dec 2016

Best Songs of 2016 Playlist: Alternative, Indie, Rock + Pop Music

If you follow me on Spotify, you know I am ALL about my playlists. I start a new one at the beginning of every year and add to it religiously every week. My “Best Songs of 2016” playlist ended up being nearly 300 tunes, my largest yet!

When people say there is no new music… basically… that’s garbage. This playlist proves it. And while I am continually advocating for artists to be paid more for the spins they get on Spotify – one way to help them is to listen.

Find new music. Share what you like.

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The Faint Concert Photos at Denver's Gothic Theatre in 2016
Dec 2016

The Faint and Gang of Four at Gothic Theatre

The Faint has been together as a band since 1995 (what!) but I discovered them in the mid-2000’s. I especially love the song “I Disappear” but there is plenty of great stuff from their most recent albums.

I enjoyed them in concert too, although I will say the show was more fun to listen to than try to photograph. It was dark and electronic – pretty much what you want from a Faint show – and I was thrilled I finally got to see them live.

I’ve always heard that Gang of Four was great live, even though they have a revolving door of band members. Andy Gill is the constant, and he showed it by walking on stage and throwing his guitar around – both literally and figuratively. I have never seen band members jump around and switch microphones with each other like Gang of Four (2016 edition) does – but they totally make it work. Check out their recent live album to see what I mean.

The Faint and Gang of Four Concert Photos

Gang of Four

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Christmas Music Playlists: Indie, Rock, R&B and Chill. A different playlist for each mood.
Dec 2016

Christmas Music Playlists: Indie, Rock, R&B and Chill

I love Christmas music, and I have been building my main playlist for years. It’s now nearly 375 songs or almost 22 hours. For 2017, I promise to get it over a day’s worth!

For 2016, I spent some time splitting out the styles, so now I have an “Upbeat Christmas” and a “Pretty Christmas” playlist.

I was joking on Twitter that I put a lot of artists in my Christmas playlists that I don’t normally listen to – but I draw the line at Jimmy Buffett. Besides him, who am I missing? Continue reading…