The Faint Concert Photos at Denver's Gothic Theatre in 2016
Dec 2016

The Faint and Gang of Four at Gothic Theatre

The Faint has been together as a band since 1995 (what!) but I discovered them in the mid-2000’s. I especially love the song “I Disappear” but there is plenty of great stuff from their most recent albums.

I enjoyed them in concert too, although I will say the show was more fun to listen to than try to photograph. It was dark and electronic – pretty much what you want from a Faint show – and I was thrilled I finally got to see them live.

I’ve always heard that Gang of Four was great live, even though they have a revolving door of band members. Andy Gill is the constant, and he showed it by walking on stage and throwing his guitar around – both literally and figuratively. I have never seen band members jump around and switch microphones with each other like Gang of Four (2016 edition) does – but they totally make it work. Check out their recent live album to see what I mean.

The Faint and Gang of Four Concert Photos

Gang of Four

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Christmas Music Playlists: Indie, Rock, R&B and Chill. A different playlist for each mood.
Dec 2016

Christmas Music Playlists: Indie, Rock, R&B and Chill

I love Christmas music, and I have been building my main playlist for years. It’s now nearly 375 songs or almost 22 hours. For 2017, I promise to get it over a day’s worth!

For 2016, I spent some time splitting out the styles, so now I have an “Upbeat Christmas” and a “Pretty Christmas” playlist.

I was joking on Twitter that I put a lot of artists in my Christmas playlists that I don’t normally listen to – but I draw the line at Jimmy Buffett. Besides him, who am I missing? Continue reading…

Denver band In The Whale headlines Larimer Lounge with One Flew West and CITRA in late 2016
Dec 2016

Denver Bands: In The Whale, One Flew West and CITRA

I love the Denver music scene, right? I love it even more when every band on a show is local, and awesome. In particular, when long time friends In The Whale put on a show, since they are out on tour so much lately, it’s a priority to go see them no matter who they play with. But they had One Flew West and CITRA on the bill too – basically trifecta of awesome.

In The Whale are just two guys who somehow fill the room with great rock and roll. I still have no idea how they do it, but I think it has something to do with talent and grit. It’s been a thrill to watch them build a following all over the country at music festivals like Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza or supporting mega-acts like Jane’s Addiction and The Toadies. But when they come home, it’s still just two guys having fun playing music to a room full of friends.

In The Whale / One Flew West / CITRA Concert Photos


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HTFTH Hometown For The Holidays Finalists Top Ten 2016
Dec 2016

Top Ten Bands: Hometown For The Holidays (HTFTH) 2016

It’s officially the holiday season in Denver! Alf announced the top ten bands for this year’s Hometown for the Holidays song contest at Not So Silent Night this weekend. They are listed in alphabetical order below with their song and social media links. I am lucky to know several of them but can’t wait to cheer them all on as KTCL Channel 93.3 starts putting their songs on the air. The free HTFTH concert (unless you want the VIP upgrade) is December 17 at The Summit. Previous winners AMZY are headlining and the top three bands (as voted by us music nerds!) will battle it out for the top prize. See you there? Continue reading…