Feb 2008

February Greeblemix

We have our winners! Nancy from Marie Millard, Tanaya from Montana Mama, and Mrs. Chicken from Chicken and Cheese! Which, by the way – did you see they flashed Mizz Chicken herself (well, a screen shot of her old site, anyway) in this interview by ABC News with Susan at Friday Playdate? Woo hoo!

Winners, send your addresses (if I don’t have them) to aimee at greeblemonkey dot com and your CDs will go out next week! Here’s what the rest of you missed out on…

High Fidelity by Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups
Say Goodbye to Love by Kenna
Rock and Roll by The Velvet Underground
Day Too Soon by Sia
In My Head by Your Vegas
Charlotte by Air Traffic
Madly by Tristan Prettyman
Sweet Lady by What Made Milwaukee Famous
Box Full o’ Honey by Duran Duran
Jack A*s Ginger by Poi Dog Pondering
Give Me Some Love by James Blunt
Jenny by The Click Five
Loving You by Paolo Nutini
Freaks of Nature by Kosheen
Energy by The Apples In Stereo
Pour Le Monde by Crowded House
Along the Wall by Leigh Nash
Instantly Gratified by People In Planes
Seven Days by Sting
Pistol Grip by The Blakes

See you next month!


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Jan 2008

Digging Up Memories

There is a famous story in my family.

It goes something like this: My Oma, who was known her firm hand as much as her hearty laugh, decided that my Aunt Heidi would play the accordion. It didn’t matter that Heidi wanted to play the violin. It didn’t matter that Heidi hated the accordion. It didn’t matter that my mother, Greta, didn’t have to take music lessons of any kind. My Oma waved this off with a flick of her wrist. “Greta has no ear for music.”

So, there sat Heidi, on the couch, hour after hour, and played. That damn accordion.

It became the stuff of legends. Heidi and her dreaded accordion.

This week, my aunt was digging through her old albums and found this gem.

I don’t expect you all to laugh as much as my aunt, my mother, my sister and in turn, me, when I got the email, did. But the look on my aunt’s face is priceless. It tells such a story from her childhood. And that damn accordion.

I have to imagine that when Oma heard all the laughter, she smiled too.

Jan 2008

Greeblemix Winners & Playlist

Congrats to January winners: Kim, Meghann and AH! Send me your addresses if you have not already done so!

Here is the CD they will receive!


Happy New Year by Camera Obscura
Three More Days by Ray LaMontagne
Indie Hair by The Heads
Twist in My Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram
Where Did I Go Wrong by UB40
Edge of the Ocean by Ivy
Big Ol’ Game by Joss Stone
I Got It (What You Need) by Galactic & Lyrics Born
I Made a Resolution by Sea Wolf
Photograph by Weezer
Something About You by Level 42
Ooh La by The Kooks
Transit by Har Mar Superstar
5:19 by Matt Wertz
Gotta Have You by The Weepies
Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley
Say What You Mean by Maktub
1234 by Feist
She’s the One by World Party
Slow Emotion Replay by The The

The other thing I forgot to mention during our vomitfest haze from yesterday were my New Year’s resolutions! And since we do health education at work, and public health is all about specific, measurable goals, here are my specific, measurable goals for 2008:

1. Lose 10 pounds by my birthday (late April). These are the 10 pounds the IUD gave me. That betch.

2. Lose 10 more pounds by Bryan’s birthday (mid-August). These are the 10 I should have had off already by the time I started the IUD.

3. Eat out only 2 times a week. (This doesn’t count lunch, folks!)

4. Sell 6 works of art on Etsy.

5. Figure out the meaning of life.

OK, the last one isn’t measurable, but I have been feeling a bit lost lately. I need to get my head in the game.

Back to Hawaii recaps tomorrow. That will certainly make me feel better.

Jan 2008

January Greeblemix (and our start to the New Year)

First, do you remember how last year started off? Food poisoning for Bryan? Well, last night, as Jeff and Danielle were over for dinner, and we had cheese appetizers (NOT from the Truffle, just in case), we joked and joked and joked bout Bryan’s barfing escapades.

We should have shut our yaps.

Because about 3am, Declan decided to show his dad up. He called for me, as he valiantly tried to keep it all in, but as I ushered him to the bathroom, vomit ended up all over his bed, the rug, the hall, the wall, his hair, my hair, the bathroom… and finally – the toilet.

This was after he already woke up once at 1am because he had a peeing-in-the-bed accident and we had to strip the sheets. (Have I mentioned we are trying to get past pullups at night?)

So, 2008 has been fun so far.

Bryan has predicted that 2009 will be my year to vomit – yahooooo!

But, seeing as it’s the first of the month, we’ll take a break from my vacation recaps to do my monthly mix CD contest giveaway. For the 5 of you bleary eyed readers able enough to start your computers and read blogs, that is.

Remember the rules?

1. Three CDs will be given away, 1 per commenter.

2. First 3 correct answers win.

3. One guess per commenter.

4. If you get wrong answers, feel free to keep guessing.

5. If you won last month, take a break this month.

So, here is the question… Of course, it will be ocean-related since I have vacation on the brain:

NAME THREE BEACHES I HAVE BEEN TO IN MY LIFETIME. (Except Maui, Hawaii, because that would be too easy!) Be specific, please!

Good luck!

Dec 2007

Greeblemonkey Christmas Mix

Here is the mix that is going out to the 5 winners this month! Thanks to these folks for getting up so early on a Saturday morning… Sue/NoBadDays, Secret Agent Mama, Noble Savage, Sarah Jackson/Still Life In Yarn, and Gregg/Ton-Fifty-One! (Winners: send me your snail mail addresses if you haven’t already! aimee at greeblemonkey dot com)

Greeblemonkey Christmas Mix 2007
Do They Know It’s Christmas? – by Band Aid
Winter Wonderland – by Aretha Franklin
Mistletoe – by Colbie Caillat
Mele Kalikimaka – by Bing Crosby
Father Christmas – by The Kinks
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – by Shawn Colvin
Last Christmas – by Wham!
Cool Yule – by Matt Dusk
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – by John Lennon
This Christmas – by Donny Hathaway
All I Want for Christmas Is You – by Mariah Carey
Baby It’s Cold Outside – by Leon Redbone & Zooey Deschanel
Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord – by Boney M.
A New York Christmas – by Rob Thomas
Christmas Means Love – by Joan Osborne
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow – by Michael Buble
The Christmas Song – by Kimberley Locke
Christmas Wrapping – by The Waitresses
Blue Christmas – by Elvis Presley
Home For The Holidays – by Brian McKnight
Sleigh Ride – by Toby Lightman
White Christmas – by Tony Bennett

If you are interested in seeing the previous few months of Greeblemixs, here they are: