Sep 2008

09.08 Greeblemix Winners

OK, there were really random numbers this time! Bryan picked: 8, 14, 47. Which equals:

8. Lisa Clusterfook (Pssst! It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, yo’s!)
14. Reese / Fashionista Plus / Reese Raves & Rants
47. Jill Glossy Veneer

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and gave such humorous comments. I have to admit my faves were the Little Known Facts, but I *promise * I did NOT sway Bryan to pick Reese’s number. PROMISE.

Winners, please email your snail mail addresses to aimee at greeblemonkey dot com!

Now, as you may know, every month, the mix ends up being a total potpourri. New music (some found from old friends, some found from new friends, most of it found from the associated music tools in iTunes, heh!). Old music (some rediscovered through Rockband and our combined awesomeness on guitar + vocals, or some that just makes me feel good, or some old friends with new albums, yay!). Mainly whatever hits me at the end of the month and sounds good together. To me, at least.

I hope you guys enjoy it too.

My Own Face Inside the Trees by The Clientele
Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet
Fireflies by Rhett Miller & Rachael Yamagata
In Bloom by Nirvana
Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil
Waterfall by James
When You Wake Up Feeling Old by Wilco
One by Tina Dico
Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
You’ve Got You by Eric Hutchinson
Jerk It Out by Caesars
The Longest Day In the Afternoon by Irving
Painted Moon by Silencers
Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Melua
Here Come the Holy Rollers by Shawn Smith
Give It Lose It Take It by Field Music
Breakin’ by The Music
The World I Love by Papercuts
Suedehead by Morrissey

See you next month! And Greeblepix is the 3rd Monday of the month, as in September 15th! Get those photos ready!

Sep 2008

September Greeblemix Contest

As promised, I am moving the monthly Greeblemix CD contest to the first Monday of the month. It just so happens that the first Monday of this month is also the 1st, so technically nothing has really changed, but whatever.

And guess what! This month is my one year anniversary of doing Greeblemix contests! Rock on!

And also! Last month was cool with the all day entries + random number thing going on, so I am all about that again this month.


1. Comment as often as you like up until midnight (Mountain time), September 1st, 2008.
2. No anonymous comments. No gross ones either. Seriously.
3. Tomorrow morning, my husband Bryan, who will not read the comments, will pick THREE SEPARATE random numbers (and I promise they will be really random this time), and if one of those numbers are your place in line in the comments, you will win a mix CD from me! Three CDs, three winners!
4. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CDs, and also get a mediocre amount of traffic after being linked to from this blog. Not that have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

Alright folks, go for it!

P.S. Have a happy and safe Labor Day. I am *especially* thinking of our friends in the Gulf states.

Aug 2008

August Greeblemix Winners!

Wow, this month’s Greeblemix Contest was fun. I might have to do it that way more often. And the five numbers Bryan picked on the way out the door for his rafting trip were actually two completely random number (59, 71) and three not-random but still off the top of his head numbers (27, 17, 13). The later three being my, his and Declan’s birthday numbers. What can I say, I was hitting him up as he was walking out the door at the butt-crack of dawn. I am lucky I got numbers at all.

So, drum roll, please: The Winners!

#13: Overflowing Brain
#17: Catherine
#27: Where My Truth Lives
#59: SparklieSunshine
#71: Keely

And another drumroll, please: The CD!

(click on image for larger version)

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye
Dirty Creature by Split Enz
Walk and Talk Like The Angels by Toni Childs
15 Step by Radiohead
Fork and Knife by Brand New
Music is My Hot, Hot Sex by CSS
Yesterday Never Tomorrow by The Stills
You’re The Ocean by Teitur
Farewell by Rosie Thomas
Dear God by XTC
Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation
Noise is Love by The Verve
No One by Alicia Keys
Houston by Soul Coughing
The Dynamo of Volition by Jason Mraz
I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down by Paul Young
Everything You’re Breathing For by The Parlor Mob
Atlantic by Keane
Rich Girls by The Virgins

Winners! Please send your mailing addresses to aimee at greeblemonkey dot com!

Thanks to EVERYONE for participating!

Jul 2008

John Mayer, The Roots and a teensy bit of Dave Matthews

OK, I can finally stop talking about it, because I did indeed catch a way early flight back from BlogHer on Sunday morning and did indeed drive straight to the Mile High Music Festival and did indeed take my son to see John Mayer (back story here).

Well, I *would* have driven straight there, if the traffic had not been horrendous, and had we not just sat there on Havana Street for an hour and a half. Not. kidding. It was so bad that Danielle’s car (which said it was *108* outside, thank you vera much) in turn, said NO THANK YOU VERA MUCH, and overheated. We had to abandon it at some office park along the way and all illegally squish in to our truck. At least our “Carpooling To Mile High” sign was indeed VERY true at that point.

We arrived just to hear the last few songs from Colbie Caillet in the parking lot, and after I got over my disappointment at missing her – I had an attitude adjustment and remembered HEY! THIS IS GONNA BE A FUN DAY, RIGHT? WITH MY PEEPS!

And it was.

All the photos (from Declan’s little point & shoot camera, seeing as I was tired of lugging my 50 pound Canon around all weekend) are in my MHMF Flickrset.

But, most importantly, even though John Mayer tried to trick us by going on early, we still made it time to see almost all his set. And most most most importantly, Declan’s most favorite song, Waiting On The World To Change. Yes, I cried. And YES, that screech at the end? That’s Declan.

The other significant event of the day was seeing the The Roots. I am a big enough music dork to admit I first heard of the Roots from the Mandy Moore movie Chasing Liberty (go ahead, laugh), but WHO CARES, CAUSE THEY ARE FRACKING AWESOME. And they tore the roof off in Denver last weekend. Here they are playing their song The Seed, which is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Again, sorry for the cruddy video quality, but let’s remember it was from a teensy tiny camera – and ALSO I was just lucky to not be crushed by the crazed mob in there.

And then finally, it was Dave Matthews’ turn. Bryan and I saw him at the Red Rocks 95 show. Yes, THAT show. I remember them tweaking the sound for THAT show for like HOURS, but it was worth it. THAT show was amazing. And I have to say, Dave sounds just as good, even after all these years. But, it was late, Declan was starting to wheeze from all the grass pollen he had inhaled all day, and you can bet your booty *I* was dead on my feet. So we called it a day.

But what a fun day.

Jul 2008

July Greeblemixes!

Here we are! Already July. And the three winners this month for the July Greeblemixes are:

Sue from No Bad Days & eLuckyPacket
Kessligan from Amy Und Heiner
Mary Beth from Cats, Books, Life Is Good

Winners, please send me your snail mail addresses to aimee [at] greeblemonkey [dot] com.

Below is what they are getting. This month feels like I spent a few hours on Jack FM. But of course, I *had* to include the fun 80’s songs we uncovered last month, John Mayer for the Mile High Music Fest this month (more on that later), and STEVIE. Oh, Stevie. He was beyond good last night, as you can see from my tweets. Tweets that I am SURE were the tipping point for getting me in the Twitterati section of Alltop. Because who doesn’t like Stevie? Other than my co-worker Travis, who compared seeing Stevie Wonder with Jack Johnson. I mean, no offense to Jack Johnson, because he is fine and all – but as Angela/Fluid Pudding so aptly put it – that’s like comparing Prince with Vanilla Ice. And homey don’t play that.

Be Good by Tokyo Police Club
Buildings & Mountains by The Republic Tigers
Work for Love by Ministry
Burn You Up, Burn You Down by Big Blue Ball
My Stupid Mouth by John Mayer
Love And Pride by King
Tomorrow by Ladytron
I Couldn’t Help Myself by Sara Hickman
Superstition (live) by Stevie Wonder
Dirty Living by Brendan James
Misfit by Curiosity Killed The Cat
I Sing I Swim by Seabear
One Shot by O.A.R.
This Is Not A Love Song by Public Image Ltd.
Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
As Above So Below by Klaxons
Another Day by Jamie Lidell
Pleasure Songs by The Mary Onettes
Many Rivers to Cross (live) by Annie Lennox

Oh! And I am checking out Anyone on? Thoughts?