Nov 2005

Should be sleeping…

Especially since Bryan went to bed over 2 hours ago. But I got sucked into watching a 90 minute documentary of Jason Mraz on tour in 2003. I recently saw him live with Danielle and I was blown away – especially by his voice. The documentary reinforced that, and added to my fascination with this kid who is a total mixture of cocky asshole and skinny nerd.

Nov 2005

The man who both Bryan and I have a crush on.

If you don’t recognize him, it’s Henry Rollins. Formerly of the punk band Black Flag, currently dabbles in just about everything media related. Saw him do 3 hours of spoken word in Boulder last night and per usual, he was fucking awesome. Hilariously funny, but also magnificent at seeing through the bullshit of the world. For example, he has now done 6 USO tours for the troops – some of which to the most dangerous places in the world – yet hates Bush. Proving that you can love your country, support the troops, but still loudly question your leaders.

Oh, and my new phrase that I plan to use all the time, that I picked up from Henry last night? “I was so mad, I wanted to eat my hair.” Love it.