Ripple Effect of 9/11 on families
Sep 2017

The Ripple Effect of 9/11

Around this time 16 years ago, Bryan and I had just decided we wanted to try to have a baby. This is a big decision for anyone, but even bigger for us, who spent a decade swearing we didn’t want children.

Then 9/11 happened.

It made us question everything, especially the idea of bringing a child into our crazy world.

Ultimately, we decided that to give into fear was not how we wanted to live and Dex arrived prematurely just two days after the first anniversary of 9/11.

Of course, this memory of that day pales in comparison to all those who were there, and most especially to those who we lost.

But sometimes, I feel like – just 16 years later – we are already forgetting what a huge ripple effect that day had one everyone. It, sadly, *really* changed the world.

And yet, this week, we celebrate by son’s 15th birthday and remember that, yes, the good stuff stays the same.

Apr 2017

Music Lover

Clearly I love music. Sometimes I feel like a freak because of how much I love music. My first job was in a record store. I can’t stand it when there is silence in the house; I have music on all the time.

Growing up, my mom didn’t care one way or the other about music. But there were three things that played in our house: German polka music, Elvis Presley, and Billy Joel.

As I grew up, I made mix tape upon mix tape – then CDs – to try and expand my mom’s horizons. She just did not care. Continue reading…

Hall & Oates headline Red Rocks with Trombone Shorty and Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Oct 2016

Hall and Oates Sing Their Hits at Red Rocks

Hall. And. Oates. You guys! As a teen of the 80s, I could sing along with every song this duo played during their stop at Red Rocks, and most of the crowd was right there with me, even in a torrent of rain. Yeah, it was pretty clear they have slowed down as they approach their 70s (no one informed their hair of their impending age), but I never thought a Hall and Oates show in 2016 would be anything other than a trip down memory lane.

What did surprise me was the choice of highly hip and energetic openers, Trombone Shorty plus Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Sharon is 60 herself and battling cancer, but you would never have guessed that as she bounced around the stage. I have photographed Trombone Shorty once before, and he continues to be an absolute powerhouse.

Thank you all for the night of fun and nostalgia!

Hall and Oates - Red Rocks 2016 Continue reading…

Marriage Advice After 20 Years
Jun 2016

Marriage Advice After 20 Years of It

Last week, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Many people say this, but it feels like just yesterday *and* forever ago – all at the same time.

We married here in Denver, a little while after we moved and it’s fun to think about how young and optimistic we were then. We may be more cynical and jaded now, but in many ways, we still work on our marriage just as hard as day one. Some things get easier over the years, some harder. For example – we literally have talked about everything. What is there left to say after all this time?

Well, for one, we recently chatted about how we make our marriage work so I could write one of these condescending posts about it.

Look… We know every marriage is different. We’ve seen some couples split for reasons I could not explain, and people stay together for no good one.

No judgements here, just some suggestions from two goofballs who still lean on each other as heavily now as they did two decades ago. Continue reading…