Mar 2016


Five years ago on Wednesday, I signed the papers to sell my half of the company.

Five years ago on Thursday, I boarded a plane for SXSW.

Five years ago on Friday, I attended some parties.

Five years ago on Saturday, I was in the hospital.


It only comes up anymore when I can’t hear people. Which is usually at loud bars. Which is when they ask why I don’t wear a hearing aid. Which is exactly the place that hearing aids work the least.


So much has changed.

We both work at home.

Our son is about to enter high school.

I am a bonafide concert photographer.

I build web sites, for all kinds of people, all over the world.

But so much is the same.


We live in the same house, with the same dog, and many of the same friends.

But given the news every single day, the temperature outside sure seems colder.

And yet, I remain hopeful.


What people don’t understand is I am thankful for my hearing loss.

Five years ago.

Five days in the hospital.

Two surgeries.

Nine months in bed.

A stronger, more grateful person in the end.

Psychedelic Zombiez - 2015 Reunion Concert
Jan 2016

Psychodelic Zombiez Reunion Concert at the Bluebird

We started appreciating local Denver bands as soon as we moved to Denver, over 22 years ago. One of our favorites was Psychodelic Zombiez, a rock, funk, soul, pop, everything but the kitchen sink band that I can’t tell you how many times we have seen live. Sadly, the guys stopped playing together over a decade ago.

So you can imagine how excited we were for a Psychodelic Zombiez reunion show at the Bluebird right after Christmas. The place was packed; fans still remembered all the songs and shouted the lyrics.

Even better, long-time Denver music scene man Andy Rok and his new band, The Real Deal, opened the show.

Every concert around Christmas feels like a holiday party – but this one felt like an actual present. Continue reading…

U2 Concert Photos Denver via
Jul 2015

U2 Concert Photos and That Time I Met Bono

Meeting Bono from U2I often feel like a fangirl when I write about bands that I have photographed, but when it comes to U2, there is no doubt. FAN. GIRL. ALL. CAPS.

I know it’s the in-vogue thing to dog them right now. But to the haters, I say: YOU CRAZY.

My sister and I split the cost to buy Thriller and Unforgettable Fire (on cassette) and then proceeded to wear them both out. I wasn’t allowed to see that tour back in Maryland, too young. And the world soon saw how cool Red Rocks was after U2’s visit in 1983. I haven’t missed a tour since then, many times seeing the shows with my college roommate MB who now lives in Wyoming – which is nicely convenient for us when U2 plays here in Denver. One time in Florida (where we went to college), we even met 3/4 of the band by accidentally waiting for MB’s cousin at the wrong stadium entrance.

This time, meeting Bono was no accident, but lots of luck. I am on the advisory board for ONE Girls & Women, and also enlisted lots of friends to volunteer for ONE over the two nights of Denver concerts. ONE and RED were kind enough to seize a window of opportunity, to slip me and MB in with Bono for a few minutes. My husband was kind enough to let MB come with me while he stayed back with her teen daughter, knowing how important the band is to both of us. Bonus hubby points FOREVER. Continue reading…

Best of 2014 - Recap
Jan 2015

2014 Was A Really, Really Good Year

We had some bad years. Primarily they started with my mom getting sick and ending with me getting sick. 2013 started to turn things around, but last year was good. Really, really good.

Sure, we are still struggling out of a financial hole from those dark years, but whatever. Money is money. If I have learned anything this decade, the most important thing is the ones you love, then the experiences you have on the journey. No collection of 365 days can be perfect, nor would I even want them to be.

But 2014 was pretty damn awesome. I am so incredibly thankful.

Here are my highlights. Continue reading…