Dance Anxiety

"Can I stay home from school on Friday?" Dex asked; we didn't know what to say. "There is a dance for 6th graders and 90% of my friends are staying home so they don't have to go." Everything came rushing back, as if I was Molly Ringwald just finding out her underpants were on display for every nerd in school.

Twenty Years In Denver

"Why did you move?" People ask us that a lot, although I am not sure why it is such a strange thing, that we picked up from Maryland and headed west in early 1994. So many have done the same - and I don't mean in a Oregon Trail kind of way. Over the last twenty years, there has been a massive influx into Colorado, from all over... simply because it's a great place to live.

Changing of The Guard

Sometimes I go over blog posts in my head and wonder how self-important I sound. I assume what I'm thinking about right now will come out as very narcissistic and passive aggressive.
Do you ever go through cycles where it feels like a group of people in your life are all leaving at the same time?
I'm old enough where this is has happened several times and parts of it hurt and parts of it, honestly, can be a relief. This time, mostly it hurts because it just feels like losing touch (for whatever reason) rather than a healthy changing of the guard.


I don't consider myself a jealous person. But of course it comes naturally to everyone, right? That ugly feeling that creeps out of nowhere when you hear something wonderful for friend, and you can't help thinking, "why not me?"
I grew up in a pretty affluent area of Maryland, although we are not part of that crowd. In a lot of ways, I was happy about that because it was much less pressure when you didn't have to have everything all the time. I saw the toll it took on people around me and felt sad when the grass was so much greener that they could not be happy with their situation in life - which was really was quite good, after all.

Happy Everything

This is the holiday photo I used for my company, but the sentiment applies here too. The few years prior to 2013 were a bit rough for my family. But now I work at home, with my dog Poe. I have a lightness that I…

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