Nov 2005

Happy poop day!

Bryan played Mr. Expert Plumber today and replaced our old, failing toilet. I can’t express the joy of, when flushing the toilet, our excrement actually going down the shoot on the 1st try.

Meanwhile, Declan and I went out in search of big boy beds today. We may have found what he need, but in turn that means I need to find a headboard and new bedding to coordinate it all. I foresee an afternoon of internet browsing while he sleeps.

I am bittersweet about the big boy bed thing. I mean, I do think it is time, he is finally ready. But it is also a signal that my baby is growing up. Not to mention the lack of control I will have when he gets himself out of his bed all on his own. As I have mentioned, I realize I have issues with control and certainly my son should be allowed to get up and take himself to the bathroom when the need arises… I just need to remind myself of that about 5,000 times.

Speaking of, just this minute he shat himself during nap and was very upset about it.

Where and when can I order that big boy bed???

Nov 2005

Puppy Removal Procedure

Well, we started telling Declan that the dentist wants him to stop chewing his puppies because it is hurting his teeth. He was unthrilled. But he was definitely trying. He will bring the ear up to his mouth, then you see the gears turning in his head and he pulls the ear away from his mouth (sometimes).

This morning we were talking about it and I told him he could pick out a new toy if he were willing to give his puppies to other kids who need them. He perked up upon hearing that and spent the morning assembling pupppies on to the coffee table. I think he got about 1/2 of them there before we left for school and said several times that he was “sorting them to give to the other kids.”

So, we may have some major progress tonight. We’ll see.

Also, he went to school with his Moomin to snuggle with instead of a puppy – his idea! (My business partner brought him a stuffed Moomin from Finland – note the tiny ears).

Wish us luck!

Nov 2005

End of the Puppies.

Bryan just called. Declan had a dental checkup this morning. First off, he did AWESOME. He let the dentist do all sorts of poking and prodding…. and his teeth look really good. WTG Dex! BUT. The dentist says he needs to get rid of his “lovie”- OH MY GOD. His lovie is actually a set of 14 blue stuffed puppies, whose ears he sucks whenever he is tired, upset or just needs some luff (to quote Luka Bloom). The dentist says that the sucking has moved his teeth about 6mm already… and that adult teeth follow the pattern of baby teeth… So the sucking is only going to continue to make it worse. Eek.

He got his first Puppy from Oma while still in the NICU… That original puppy was bigger than Declan was. As he grew, he developed a taste for their ears, and we stockpiled puppies to be able to wash and rotate them.

Sigh… How the hell are we going to get this kid to give them up???