Concert Lighting Tips

Concert Lighting Advice For Bands from a Photographer

I have been a concert photographer around Denver for about eight years and it's been an amazing ride. I love photographing every kind of band in every kind of venue - and I have even started traveling to do it. Here in Denver, we have venues of every size, which makes it great for local and touring bands to move up and down that ladder as they play. Thus, I have shot the smallest rooms in the complete dark up to our biggest, brightest locations. Concert Lighting Tips from a Photographer One thing that bands often ask about is concert lighting - and tips on how to do it from a photographer's perspective. The easy answer you will hear from all of us is "NO RED LIGHTS!" - but why? There is actually a reason based on color theory, if you can believe it. And while I know that bands do not always have control over what the venue does with lights - many of the people behind that board are more than happy to do what they can to accommodate your requests ... you simply need to know what to ask for.
Colorado Wedding Portraits by Aimee Giese

So Much Love: Amy + Nick Wedding Photos

I don't often photograph weddings but when I do - it's the most fun when it's friends. Nick and Amy are half of a fantastic band in Fort Collins named Post Paradise and we have been going to their shows for years. I was honored to capture their special day - and what clearly is a special relationship between them, their family and friends. Nick and Amy - Colorado Wedding Photos
Best Denver Concert Photos 2015

Best Denver Concert Photos of 2015

2015 was another great year for concert photography. I have been able to shoot in almost every Denver venue, from the smallest dive all the way up to almost the largest place we have in Colorado. From all my local favorites, to amazing national acts. From bands I am just discovering, to groups I loved in high school. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to pursue music photography, and for all the opportunities that I have. Many thanks to everyone who is so great to work with... including you bands, PR firms, promoters, radio stations and the friends who hold my beer.

Can't wait to see what concert photos 2016 brings!

Types of Cameras

Photo Tips: What Kind of Camera Do I Need?

Lots of folks have been asking me to get back to basics with some photography tips, like I have been doing at conferences. I thought the first post should be about something we all grapple with - what kind of camera (or cameras, plural) are best for my situation(s)? Personally, I have a camera in every one of these subsets, but I really think that is a bit excessive. As Chase Jarvis is oft quoted, "the best camera is the one you have with you." Especially in this day and age of increasingly good smartphones, don't feel bad if the best (and only) camera for you is the one that comes with your mobile phone. Or if you want to get more features, let's chat. What Kind of Camera Do I Need? via
Costa Rican Flowers and Plants

The Flowers & Plants of Costa Rica

We have our first real touch of cold here in Colorado, which - let's face it, compared to other parts of the world, is not that cold... but when you have recently been to the rainforest, it sure feels cold. One of the things that fascinated me about Costa Rica was the diversity of its flora and fauna. Of course, I have no idea what the names of most of the plants were. In some ways, this is right up my alley because I take lots of flower photos here at home and generally have no clue what they are, even when they are in my backyard.

Can you help me identify these lovelies?

I would be happy to credit you when I update the post. Either way, it feels nice to take a trip back to the tropics on a chilly day like today. Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa_Rica_185 Costa Rica Flowers & Plants

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