August Greeblepix Winner!

Whew, that was really, really really close. Like Michael Phelps / Milorad Cavic close.But the winner of the inaugural Greeblepix Photo Contest is:THE CHAIR by CLARK KENT'S LUNCHBOXHere is how the voting went down:So, big congrats also to MOOSH IN INDY for a very close…

August Greeblepix Finalists!

Um, really. You guys are so so so so so (SO) awesome. When I hatched this Greeblepix Photo Contest plan, I figured we would throw a few photos around and have some fun. And we are still doing that, but there are so so so…


It was gray and raining this morning, then snowing and then within 15 minutes, clear blue skies and massive sunshine. Took some fun pictures of wet leaves, though. Thanks, Mother Nature!

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