Aug 2008

August Greeblepix Winner!

Whew, that was really, really really close. Like Michael Phelps / Milorad Cavic close.

But the winner of the inaugural Greeblepix Photo Contest is:


Here is how the voting went down:

So, big congrats also to MOOSH IN INDY for a very close second place and to ALL the finalists for being kick ass!

Seriously. Big awesome to everyone who participated.

And guess what! We have a “sponsor” of sorts. My good friend and co-worker James, aka Jagged Pen took pity on me and agreed to donate one his lovely Retro 41 Tornado Fountain Pens as a prize!

So, Mr. Clark Kent, give me your address and I will send you a fancy schmancy pen! Doesn’t make sense for a photo contest, but what in life does???

See you all next month!

Aug 2008

August Greeblepix Finalists!

Um, really. You guys are so so so so so (SO) awesome. When I hatched this Greeblepix Photo Contest plan, I figured we would throw a few photos around and have some fun. And we are still doing that, but there are so so so so so (SO) many awesome photos in the running, selecting the 5 finalists was REALLY hard.

Thank you ALL for such wonderful entries. I enjoyed every single photo.

So, here they are, in no particular order other than they look nice together this way….

The Chair by Clark Kent’s Lunchbox

After The Rain by RGP

Down The Rabbit Hole by Jenny The Bloggess

Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland by From Nat’s Lens

Farmer by Moosh In Indy


Please vote for the winner of the inaugural Greeblepix Contest! Final winner will be announced Friday! Voting closes Thursday at midnight!  (Update: Seeing as I cannot figure out military time, the poll closed a bit earlier than expected – sorry! I will do better next month!)

Who is the August Greeblepix Winner?
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