Facebook Emotion Study
Jul 2014

Facebook Is Unethical

I tried not to be dramatic about it, but I sort of left Facebook. Problem is you can never really leave Facebook. At least not when you manage over 10 accounts for clients and you have a blog and you go to log-in on random sites and Facebook has its tentacles into everything on the Internet. So I decided to minimize my personal dealings on Facebook and just concentrate on my professional work there. I realize this probably only hurts me and does nothing to Facebook but at least I won’t be so angry every day. Gives me the opportunity to still check in on friends and message them and see events, while ignoring many of the things that drive me absolutely bonkers.

Why am I so upset? You probably have heard about this, but a study was published this month from a data scientist at Facebook where, in a nutshell, he manipulated the streams of almost 700,000 Facebook users to view either happy or negative updates and see if the emotions in these streams could affect the emotions of users. Yup, they did! And, in of itself, not too surprising and also from a research perspective, actually fairly interesting. Continue reading…

How To Manage Facebook Events
Apr 2014

How To Manage Facebook Events

“Ugh! I never look at them!” – “They are overwhelming.” –  “There are too many!”

That’s what people, including possibly you, say about Facebook events. Right?

I know events are crazy. But in some ways, I am not sure how else we can communicate about gatherings and parties to a large amount of people these days – until Facebook implodes, at least. So, here are some tips in terms of creating and then also sorting through all those events to help us all be more responsible Netizens. Continue reading…

Feb 2014

The Name Change Is Coming

For a few years at least, I have been considering changing my blog name. Should I just use my real name like every grownup I know? But Aimee Giese has lots of i’s and e’s and no one knows how to pronounce it (Giese rhymes with easy, but the way – with a hard G).

Every time I go to a conference (most recently Alt Summit), I am in a tail spin for weeks about what to do. I end up buying about five URLs that lay fallow after I get talked out of all of them by my husband and close friends.

I have been writing this blog since 2005 and there are nearly 2,500 posts here. My son’s whole childhood is here, not to mention this is the name I have to say every time I introduce myself.

I don’t take this lightly.

But I have it. I picked it. It’s happening. It’s a nice mix of old and new and fits how the site has changed over the years.

I am building it and will show you soon.

Wish me luck.

Feb 2014

ROAR Retreat in Costa Rica #ROAR14

Ever since I went out on my own with Giese Media, I have had exceptional luck with clients. Even better, exceptional luck with clients coming back. After we launched the new Savvy Sassy Moms and Child Mode sites, their (separate) founders came back to me with a (collaborative) idea.

ROAR Retreat will be a social media conference held this fall in Costa Rica, where Andrea of SSM has relocated with her family. The idea revolves around bringing bloggers together to share ideas, to get empowered and to build community. Continue reading…

Jan 2014

How To Pick A Name For Your Brand, Blog or Company

It’s a new year and I have several clients who are starting fresh. New ventures can definitely seem daunting. At my former company, each new project needed its own branding so we got pretty good at the process. Obviously each industry is different, so there may be some specific professionals in your field to consult, but here are some general guidelines.
How To Pick A Name For Your Company!