Mar 2012

Sonoda’s Sushi is Spamming Denver on Twitter

Usually I just ignore Twitter spam. But I got an “at” message from Sonoda’s Sushi in Denver and Aurora, Colorado, right after I gave thumbs up on Twitter to Dyson for GOOD social listening – so I assumed they were trying to reach out in a GOOD way.


They were spamming me, meaning calling out to me with some message meant to draw attention to their sushi and seafood restaurant, without any reall interactions between us. Even worse, as I looked at their stream, they were spamming everyone in town… including the Denver Broncos, Larimer Square (the shopping district!) and a ton of people I know from Denver, Boulder and the Front Range.

So, I commented on this to my friends… and we had fun talking about spammers (and the food, SPAM) for a good while yesterday. Sonoda’s Sushi has YET to notice. Below are screen caps of our conversation and what was happening on the Sonoda Twitter account at the same time.

Clearly Sonoda Sushi has an automated bot working their Twitter. Or has things pre-loaded to auto-tweet, seeing as some of the messages are actually somewhat targeted… (Some new messages started today, like “Welcome to the NCAA Women’s Final Four” – which is happening in Denver this weekend.) I am honestly not that familiar with these tactics as I never use them, for myself or my clients.

Why? Because they had a ton of people in Denver talking poorly of them yesterday. People who will never go to their restaurant, will tell people not to go there, and now have blocked them on Twitter as well as reported them as spam.

Was that really worth it, Sonoda’s Sushi?

Sonodas_Sushi_Denver Denver_Social_Media

Nov 2011

PSA for PR Professionals and Their Clients

I know a ton of people have talked about this to the ground lately, but I just don’t think we’re all on the same page.

A blog is not strictly PR.

It may have aspects of PR.

It may work with PR companies.

But a blog is not looking for content.

It is especially not looking for photos. (Unless they are of Wil Wheaton collating paper.)

A blog is almost always an expression of someone’s thoughts, whether they be personal or professional.

The only time a blog will act like big media outlets scouring for stories, is when they have become big media outlets scouring for stories.

A blog may have advertising. On the side. That is paid for.

But a blog almost always will never have content within a post that is placed like paid advertising. And if they do, they will declare it. And it is paid for.

A blog is a brand new frontier somewhere between traditional free PR and traditional paid advertising.

Since we all like charts, here is a chart to show your clients to help you explain what I am talking about.

blog and PR relationships

Do not be offended when I tell you I can’t work on your campaign for free.

Whether I am paid in dollars, or product, or experience, I have to make it worth it for me.

Do not be offended when I tell you I can’t work on your campaign because it does not match my blog.

I don’t want to alienate those readers you covet so much, but more importantly – I want to feel good about what I am posting.

Any questions?

Nov 2005

Internet Mommy Lunch

I had lunch today with 2 ladies (and their families) who I met through the Internet. Bryan calls them PIMs (Psycho Internet Moms) – a name actually stolen from another PIM’s husband. If you had told me a few years ago that I would be meeting up with strangers from the Internet, I would have told you that you were nuts. But there are several ladies who I have formed such a tight bond with, who know me so well – even though it is only through the keyboard… that it is awesome to see each other when we get the chance.