Jun 2007

iPhone Confusion

I thought my miracle had finally arrived. The iPhone. A contraption that would combine about 6 different devices into one and sync seamlessly with my Mac. And allow me to check my email from anywhere.

But I am not so sure.

The geeks at the office have been doing their research for me (because all the big words confuse me), and there is concern about whether the internet access that will come through the phone (when I am away from WiFi, which when you think about it, is when I really need it) will be acceptable. That the Net is all abuzz that the iPhone is more of an “entertainment phone” and not really a “business phone.” That the email and calendaring functionality is not beefy enough compared to the iTunes capabilities. Godammit, I want it all!

The other main complaint seems to be the thing it too slick. Like slippery. Like it keeps slipping out of the testers hands and crashing on the floor. But I am sure some 3rd party vendor already has a neon green gel casing in the works to cover that.

I am mainly concerned about the internet access thing. Because helllllloooooo. I want to be able to do blog posts from anywhere! Inspired in the ladies bathroom at the mall? Post! What good is this expensive contraption that locks me in to AT&T for two years if I can’t pee and post at the same time???

June 29th. We’ll see.

Jan 2007

Meet my Phone-To-Be

I am sure about 50 million of the same exact posts went up all over the web today but look what Steve Jobs announced at MacWorld. The iPhone. You really need to watch some of those demos, it’s absolutely amazing. My IT Manager, who gets his jollies by ragging on Apple on a daily basis, has already asked me if he can have one.

It’s part phone, part iPod, part TV, part Internet, part email, part calendar, part map, part widgets, part chat, part photo book… and going to be ALL MINE come June. I have already told my Accounting Manager to put the extra money in the budget. I don’t care if I need it – I WANT IT. I don’t even care if I have to switch the the Cingular network. I have been waiting for this.

I am SO glad I didn’t buy a Treo.

Feb 2006

Adventures in Customer Service: ViewSonic

I won’t go into *all* the details because it is sure to give me a heart attack… but basically Bryan’s computer monitor (at work) was fritzing about a month ago, so he sent it in to ViewSonic repairs. This is the second ViewSonic we have had repaired, by the way.

Long story short, Bryan has chased them down with phone calls for a month and they finally said yesterday it was “unrepairable” and they would contact him at some unknown date in the future to select a replacement (because that model had been retired). I won’t go into the details of this conversation, because again, my heart starts constricting if I think about it – but let me assure you, Bryan did a very humorous rendition of the exchange (and the ViewSonic customer service lady did *not* come out in a positive light).

Guess what arrived today?

No, really. Guess.

Bryan’s old monitor.

I shit you not.

The one that sat at their warehouse for a whole month and was supposedly “unrepairable.”

Bryan called ViewSonic and asked them what the hell was up and know what the customer service guy said?

No, really. Guess.

“Well, try it out! See if it works!”

Direct quote.

Oh, and the final straw? They didn’t bother to return the power cable with the monitor.

I think my head is going to pop off and splash brain juice all around my office.