Aug 2015

Guide To Mobile Web Sites

Recently I was honored to speak for my first time at the annual BlogHer conference. I participated in the Geek Bar, which focused on technology and, personally, I focused on getting blogs and web sites mobile-ready in light of the recent changes Google made regarding being responsive to both search engines and our readers.

Here is a synopsis of my talk. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have in the comments!

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Online Safety For Children
Jun 2015

Online Safety Tips for Kids (And Their Parents!)

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This blog is a decade old. Seeing as my son is almost 13, he is has grown up online – at least in these archives. It has been an interesting learning experience for him, and us, as he’s grown.

I used his real name when I started because many other mom bloggers were making up cutesy names and I figured “Greeble” was goofy enough. That came back to bite us when his friends first learned how to Google each other and started reading stories about his diaper rash. Super quickly many posts got moved to “private” to protect his privacy. It even changed the whole tenor of the site: as he has grown up, there are less stories about him here because the stories are not mine to tell.

I have always been a bit of a stickler for following the COPPA age 13 standard for social networks. I recognize that every family finds their own way, but in addition to being a rule follower – having a public blog has taught me things about dealing with the online world. As Dex approaches this milestone, we have been prepping him, taking things slowly and learning about the every evolving landscape together. Continue reading…

LGG4 Sweepstakes
Jun 2015

Win A LG G4 4K from AT&T! (Plus Photo Tips & Review)

I received an LG G4 and compensation for this post but all words and photos (except for promotional materials) are mine.

I love working with AT&T because I get to check out all kinds of phones. I had heard some buzz about the new LG G4 and was excited to play with it, most especially because of its camera abilities. As a photographer, I am continually blown away at the features now available in smartphones that mimic DSLRs, or in some cases, take advantage of the strengths of the phone that surpass the DSLR.

In the case of the LG G4, the front-facing camera has three modes: Simple, Auto, and Manual. Simple is just as simple as is sounds; there is nothing on the screen so you just touch it to capture a photo. Auto does everything for you although you do have some control over things like flash. Manual is truly full-fledged manual with shutter speed, white balance, ISO, exposure, and histograms.

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Types of Cameras
Apr 2015

Photo Tips: What Kind of Camera Do I Need?

Lots of folks have been asking me to get back to basics with some photography tips, like I have been doing at conferences. I thought the first post should be about something we all grapple with – what kind of camera (or cameras, plural) are best for my situation(s)? Personally, I have a camera in every one of these subsets, but I really think that is a bit excessive. As Chase Jarvis is oft quoted, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Especially in this day and age of increasingly good smartphones, don’t feel bad if the best (and only) camera for you is the one that comes with your mobile phone. Or if you want to get more features, let’s chat.

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Mobile World Congress - Barcelona 2015
Mar 2015

Microsoft Announcements at Mobile World Congress #MWC15

I was thrilled when the Microsoft Lumia Connnects team asked me to attend the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (SPAIN!) with them this year. If you have never heard of this convention, it is the largest in the world for the mobile industry and a showplace for the latest tech gear and trends in smart phones. It was a whirlwind trip, but I did get to see some of the city (more on that later) and, of course, I heard about new tech coming from all the major players, especially Microsoft. We had a huge section of the exhibition hall, with a hot air balloon front and center that was broadcasting all the info coming out of the MWC. I have to say, it was pretty fun to getting an elbow in my side over and over as my tweets were appearing on that huge, round, glowing screen. Below the simulated hot air balloon was a real hot air balloon basket, housing two DJs, who gave us a great soundtrack while we explored the Microsoft goodies that will be released this Spring.

Microsoft Balloon at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014

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