Dec 2007

Maui Day 2 (Hana)

Day 2 finds us trekking the Road to Hana. Jeff and Danielle warned us it would be long and curvy. But no warning is enough. Usually I am the only one who gets carsick, but by halfway through the day every single one of us was popping Dramamine like candy.

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So, here is the first exciting thing: A WHALE! OK, it’s really just a splash of a whale, but he’s there, I promise.

Here’s the next exciting thing: Declan learning to HANG LOOSE.

OK. Seriously. Hawaii is heaven on earth.

One of our very favorite parts of the day, of the whole trip really, was seeing the black sand beaches. Many people don’t think there are any on Maui, but there is one. And it was freaking awesome.

I know I posted a similar photo from Hawaii, but I couldn’t resist another. How cute is he???

OK, how cute are WE?

And how cute are THEY?

We played on the black sand beach for a LONG time. And I was singing Madonna’s “Cherish” the whole damn time.

There was a cool cave nearby too.

Below was just before we asked a man to take our photo with Danielle’s camera. And the fucker promptly dropped it. In the surf.

Dropped. her. camera. in. the. ocean.

And the best part? He was more upset that his shoes got wet than he was over her camera.

There were waterfalls along the way too. But that water was too chilly to swim in. But not too chilly to be amazing.

Declan seriously loved every minute.

This is on the walk out to the Seven Sacred Pools.

Here are the pools… they each represent some special trait that you will get if you swim in them. Of course, I cannot remember any of them right now, and the water was too fierce for us to swim in this day. Danielle has made it to Pool #3 before, though.

Seriously gorgeous.

Jeff was watching us try to get wet with the waves, and noticed a huge sea turtle.

He looks small here, but I promise you, he was enormous.

And we never actually got wet, but it came close.

Bryan and Danielle were more brave and went way out. Crazy lunatics.

We stayed back and played on the hills. This is one of my favorite pics from the whole trip.

And here is the top of the Seven Pools.

And the Bottom. I still feel pretty lucky to have seen them, even if we didn’t get to swim in them.

And finally, here is an animated gif, showing Jeff and Declan goofing around while I sang the theme song from the Sound of Music.

After all that driving, we needed FOOD. We stopped at Buzz’s Wharf on the way back to Lahaina, and while the place itself was fairly unassuming – the food wasn’t. Or at least the Tahitian Shrimp wasn’t. Holy Mother of GOD – that was LITERALLY the best shrimp I have ever had in my life.

And I’ve had a LOT of shrimp.

Ahh yes. Day 2 was a success. Especially since there was no yelling or puking on the Hana Highway. Not everyone can say that.

Dec 2007

Maui Day 1 (Beach)

OK, so here starts the recaps from our trip! I am starting from December 20th, because December 19th was mainly spent in the airport. We were supposed to arrive in Maui by mid-afternoon but there were problems with the plane and we arrived over 5 hours late (so much for saving time with that that direct flight), it was 11pm by the time we got to our room, ordered room service and passed out.

But I have to give the hotel credit, they still had leis waiting for us at 11pm.
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And then we were up bright and early given the jet lag – so we headed down to let Declan feed the koi. The HUGE koi. The koi that ate more than I do.

Speaking of the resort (the Hyatt Regency), it was awesome. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Gorgeous! Great location. Great rooms. Great service. Great amenities. Great food (although expensive – but that’s Hawaii). Great pool. The beach was a little small, but you just had to walk a little way to the right and it was all good. Over all, big thumbs up.

So, we spent the morning on that beach. Declan loved it.

That is the island of Molokai in the background.

Yup, he is dancing on the beach. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

I have to say, Jeff and Danielle are most excellent to go on vacation with. And they are cute as hell, too.

That boy did *NOT* want to leave the beach for a nap.

But he finally relented and while Bryan and Declan napped, the rest of us went to the grocery store to stock up on supplies to offset those expensive Hawaiian meals. And couldn’t resist getting a snack while we were out. A snack that included a drink or two. I discovered a local favorite – a Li Hing Mui Margarita… made with an Asian plum spice. It was sweet and salty at the same time – it rocked. I bought 4 bags of the stuff to bring home.

Then we went back to the beach for a little bit before dinner.

And made Jeff climb a palm tree.

To top off the evening – my first Mai Tai in Hawaii! The glass was a riot, happy face one side – sad face on the other. Our waitress said she took which way it was facing as a sign if you needed another or not. I did not – those things are STRONG!

Yup. An all around great first day in Hawaii.

Tomorrow: The Road to Hana.