Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are coming!
Mar 2016

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Are Coming

I admit it. I’m crazy excited about virtual reality and mixed reality. It’s the evolution of the day dreams I’ve had since I was a kid reading Tom Swift books. To see that we are on the path to all this becoming actual reality in my lifetime is like all my sci fi books coming to life all at once.

Terms to Remember:
360-Degree Video, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

360-degree video: In the most basic terms, this is live video that is shot with cameras that have lenses pointing in all directions. To get the idea, imagine that you are watching a movie but you can look all around the scene: right, left, above, below, and even behind you. Most often you are a viewer, not a participant. Google Cardboard is an inexpensive tool that let’s you view 360-degree videos with a smart phone.

Virtual reality: Abbreviated to VR, this is most often a fully simulated experience controlling 100% of the viewer’s sight and hearing. The simplest comparison is to imagine you are dropped into a video game and can participate as one of the characters, actively interacting with the things you see and hear. Usually this experience takes some sort of head mounted screen (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR) and other gadgets like cameras or gloves to make you feel immersed in the experience.

Mixed reality: Also called augmented reality, MR combines aspects of your real word with additional graphics or information. If you’ve seen movies where the character sees the real world through a screen that provides additional data (Iron Man, Terminator), that’s what we’re talking about. The big difference here is that MR has an awareness of where you are, either through a camera, GPS, or other sensor technology. Mixed reality can happen with a smart phone, a more advanced system like Microsoft Hololens, or not-quite-real technology that recognizes you when you walk in the room. Continue reading…

Tyto Alba - Interview with Denver Band
Feb 2016

Tyto Alba Interview and Video Release

Recently I got on the phone to chat with Tyto Alba, a Denver indie rock band who debuted their new video single at Syntax Physic Opera over the weekend. Melanie, Matt, Danny and Jeremy were super fun to talk with and I love the new song.

Denver Band Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba Interview:

What does the name “Tyto Alba” mean?

It’s actually the scientific name for barn owls, but we just loved the way it sounded. Continue reading…

Costa Rica Zipline
Oct 2014

Canopy Ziplining in Arenal, Costa Rica (video)

When we decided to visit the Guanacaste rainforest region of Costa Rica, pretty much the only thing I wanted to do was zipline. My best friend Danielle has been several times before and she speaks of the region with such reverence; I knew I needed to see it all from above. Even if I still had a lingering fear of heights.

We booked our canopy tour with Sky Adventures in Arenal Volcano Park, and they were completely professional (and fun!) from beginning to end. It was low-season, so there we not a ton of us on the tour – we ended up becoming friends with one of the couples, like, Facebook-official friends even.

The crew showed us how to zipline on two small cables that were about 10 feet off the ground. They let us practice, talked about all the safety procedures and personally, it relaxed me mucho for the big drop. Continue reading…

Apr 2014

Wiredogs Video: “Am I The Resistance”

One of my favorite Denver bands (especially when I am in the mood for loud punk rock) is Wiredogs. I first knew them as The Hate, but the name never really suited them. They have a big sound and truly put on a raucous show (as many people will see tonight when they take the stage at Bluebird Theater with The Bronx). But they are definitely not hateful people. In fact, they are among the funniest guys I have ever met. Continue reading…

Sep 2013

What Sound Does A Fox Make?

Do you know? Have you seen the very serious video that ponders this question?

“What Does The Fox Say?” went viral about a month ago but then Ellen DeGeneres featured the band Ylvis (pronounced ill-vis) from Norway on her show last week and it REALLY went viral.

So much so, that it hit middle schoolers this week.

One of the cool things they do in Dex’s new school is a “homeroom” class where they get breakfast, and while they eat breakfast – they have about 15 minutes of chill time. It is set up to address social issues they may be having, to help them bond, and get organized for their day.

If things are going smoothly, their teacher lets them suggest (clean) videos for the group to watch together.

“The Fox” was picked this week and Dex has been singing it non-stop ever since.

I fell in love with his homeroom teacher when I heard her reaction was, “I think I am about 10 times more stupid after watching that.”

But in all seriousness, it is a pretty hilarious video that supposedly was just meant for a TV show there in Norway and the band is just as shocked as the rest of us it blew up. Plus the production values are pretty damn great, so – well done, Ylvis.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what foxes really do sound like, Popular Science has you covered.

Photo from Pixabay Royalty Free Images