Sep 2010

Going Back For Another Round

Yes. The fight continues. The yucky fight. With the yucky yucky acne.

This was me, last night, after 7 shots to my face over lunch at the dermatologist’s. So, you are absolutely right in thinking that my face looks PISSED.

That’s the general consensus of my face, my brain, my photographs, pretty much everything related to me and my skin right now. Pissed.

Why to these massive cysts keep coming back? Is it stress? (Had some). Is it medicine? (Did some googling and my sleep meds may be part of the problem). Is is dry Colorado air and lack of moisture (because, really – even with breakouts, your skin needs that moisture).

Probably all of the above.

And I know I am not alone. I can’t tell you how many emails I have received from people too shy to comment on this issue, but are silently suffering along with me. Thanks for the emails, ladies. They make me feel better about posting these hideous photos of myself. Serious.

So, I am back on antibiotics and I am also trying something new. The folks from TRIA Beauty have sent me their blue light skin clarifying system to try out. After reading the instructions last night (which, by the way – sound suspiciously like that Happy Fun Ball commercial from Saturday Night Live) – it’s clear that I can’t use the light on my really really BIG cysts. You know, the ones I have been naming with alternate boy/girl names like they do for hurricanes. But I *am* excited to see if it will kill the bacteria in my less hazardous areas, and overall make a difference in further breakouts. Cause that would rock.

Stay tuned.

Hometown For The Holidays Top Ten - Channel 93.3 Song Contest Denver
Dec 2017

Channel 93.3 Top Ten Hometown For The Holidays (HTFTH) 2017

Have you heard about the Hometown For The Holidays song contest from KTCL Channel 93.3? Every year, our local DJs like Alf and Nerf are sent hundreds of entries and then a panel of local music peeps vote anonymously to help narrow down the entries. The result is ten songs that are played on air for a week and then voted on by any music nerd who has signed up for the KTCL surveys.

The prize? Personally, I think it’s the radio airplay – but the band that comes out on top plays at next year’s Westword Music Showcase and Not So Silent Night – as well as winning valuable studio time in Colorado’s famous Blasting Room.

Hometown For The Holidays Top Ten - Channel 93.3 Song Contest Denver Continue reading…

Nerf and B-Large from KTCL Channel 93.3 announce 2016 Hometown For The Holidays concert winners
Jan 2017

Hometown For The Holidays: Photos of Iolite & Redlands

Obviously, I love local Denver music, and especially the celebration that is Hometown For The Holidays. KTCL Channel 93.3 hosts an annual contest that encourages submissions from Colorado bands, who are then narrowed down to ten finalists for us to choose from. The top three play a concert together at Summit Music Hall and two different prizes are announced. There is the Performance Award – gauged by applause – which was narrowly won by former finalists Pandas & People. (Seriously, Nerf had to use a noise-measuring app to figure it out.)

Hometown For The Holidays 2016 Winner

Then there is the Song Contest winner, who will open next year’s Not So Silent Night. Redlands took that prize for their song “Big Talk” and have had a steady stream of shows since then (Next up: February 4th with Shatterproof).

KTCL Channel 93.3 Denver Hometown For The Holidays 2016 Concert Photos

DJ Alf holding the sign for Redlands during HTFTH 2016.

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HTFTH Hometown For The Holidays Finalists Top Ten 2016
Dec 2016

Top Ten Bands: Hometown For The Holidays (HTFTH) 2016

It’s officially the holiday season in Denver! Alf announced the top ten bands for this year’s Hometown for the Holidays song contest at Not So Silent Night this weekend. They are listed in alphabetical order below with their song and social media links. I am lucky to know several of them but can’t wait to cheer them all on as KTCL Channel 93.3 starts putting their songs on the air. The free HTFTH concert (unless you want the VIP upgrade) is December 17 at The Summit. Previous winners AMZY are headlining and the top three bands (as voted by us music nerds!) will battle it out for the top prize. See you there? Continue reading…

Young The Giant and Strumbellas perform at the 2016 Bud Light Party in Denver
Sep 2016

Young The Giant and Strumbellas at Denver’s Bud Light Party

Last month, I interviewed Young The Giant’s drummer in advance of the Denver Bud Light Party. It was a fun night – full of music, the arts – and of course, beer. Young The Giant released their latest album Amerika that same week, and if you haven’t listened to it yet – be sure to check it out. It’s their best yet (in my opinion) and I was blown away by their live show.

Young The Giant returns to Denver for two nights at the Ogden Theater in early November.

Artists working during the Denver Bud Light Party 2016

Live street art at Denver’s Bud Light Party

Opener The Strumbellas were also lots of fun, and big crowd pleasers. These guys return in December for KTCL Channel 93.3’s annual Not So Silent Night music festival – and tickets for that go on sale this Friday. Continue reading…