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Keggs & Eggs - Channel 93.3 - St. Patrick's Day Concert

Photos From Channel 93.3 Keggs & Eggs 2018 – The St. Patrick’s Party

Every year, Denver wakes up at the crack of dawn (or severals days before, in some cases) for KTCL Channel 93.3's Keggs & Eggs concert. Never been? You will get a sense of what a party this event is from the photos below – when…
The Glorious Sons

Interview With Brett Emmons of The Glorious Sons

The album Young Beauties and Fools by The Glorious Sons hit my radar last year and has been on repeat ever since. It's a full album - meaning it has all kinds of songs but still sounds like it's from one band. These guys play…

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YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park

YMCA Estes Park: An Easy Way To Stay Near Rocky Mountain National Park

Note: YMCA of the Rockies provided our weekend stay. All words and photos are mine. I love Estes Park as a destination. There is an adorable downtown area, and it's right at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. I also love YMCA of the…
Cancun Mexico Luxury Resort - Villa Del Palmar

Resort Review: Villa Del Palmar Cancun

We are always up for a good deal and when I got a notification that Villa Del Palmar Cancun was on sale right after the New Year, I couldn't resist a quick trip back down to the ocean. Bryan was banned from our girls-only trip in…

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Guide to Media Literacy for Teens, Seniors and everyone in between.

Media Literacy for Parents, Teens and Seniors

I am not exactly part of the "Sandwich Generation" because I do not care for elderly relatives, but we have been in charge of our parentals' technology for at least a decade... and while our 14-year-old son is starting to compete with our knowledge on the subject,…
Snapchat Guide For Parents

Snapchat Guide For Parents

Is your teen on Snapchat? Are you on Snapchat to keep up with your kids? (That is what happened to us.) We proclaimed last year that this newest, super hip social media app was off limits for our son, until *we* were more ready. There are…

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Don’t Make Teachers Carry Guns

My son came in and sat down on my bed last night. "Me and my friends have been talking. And we came up with a bunch of reasons why arming teachers is stupid." He proceeded to list off the following reasons teachers should not have…
Women's March Denver 2018 - Photos and Protest Signs

Photos and Signs From Women’s March Denver 2018

It was our second year mobilizing here in Colorado and around the world to protest the Trump presidency. The Women's March Denver 2018 was another massive outpouring of anger and resentment for direction of our country right now. There were a ton of "shithole" references…

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Rejection is one of my hot buttons. ----- I was about eight or nine years old and I was invited over to a friends house, a girl I really liked, and thought was a good friend. When I got there, we'd been playing for about…


Bryan has been trying to get me to watch The Mortified Guide on Netflix from the minute it came out. I've resisted, mainly because my childhood was painful and my teens years didn't get much better. Finally, we decided to ease in with the documentary…

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Walk The Moon concert photos from the Ogden Denver

Walk The Moon with Company of Thieves at Ogden Denver

I was lucky enough to photograph Walk The Moon in 2014 during Channel 93.3's Big Gig and fell in love with them on the spot. Of course, lead singer Nicholas Petricca is just as charismatic as ever, but the one thing I love to see with…
Karaoke Tips - Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out

Karaoke Tips: Feel Comfortable Singing Your Heart Out

Note: Our evening out was provided by Voicebox RiNo. All words mine. Do you get intimidated by the idea of karaoke? I sure do. Recently, however, Voicebox Karaoke in RiNo asked me to bring a group of friends over and I realized it's not as…

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