Concert photos of DNCE, Joe Jonas' pop rock band
Mar 2017

DNCE Photos From Sold Out Denver Concert

Is it “Dance” or “D-N-C-E?” … I have asked myself that since Joe Jonas started his new project and the song “Cake By The Ocean” was on constant repeat.

It’s “D-N-C-E”, for the record, as I found out at the band’s sold out show at the Summit in January. While Joe is just as captivating as you would expect, the crew in his band are almost more so. Especially bass player Cole Whittle, who was all over the stage, including up on his head doing bicycle legs while still playing.

These guys were my favorite show of the year so far and I can’t wait for them to come back to Denver.

DNCE Concert Photos – Denver’s Summit

DNCE - Joe Jonas pop rock band - Denver photos

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Railroad Earth Concert Photos - Ogden Theatre Denver 2017
Mar 2017

Railroad Earth Concert Photos from Ogden Denver

I’m slowly catching up on life, and diving back into photo editing. Railroad Earth had three shows at Ogden Theatre in January and I was lucky to attend the final one. The band is full of talented musicians and their fans are truly devoted.

Railroad Earth continues to tour throughout the Spring and returns to Denver’s Red Rocks on July 17, 2017,with Leftover Salmon and Keller & The Keels.

Concert Photos of Railroad Earth

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Feb 2017

For Mom

My mother passed away this week after her third battle with cancer. This is what I said at her memorial service.

My name is Aimee and I am Greta’s eldest daughter. My sister Karrie, my aunt Heidi and I thank you for joining us today.

My grandparents emigrated from Germany in 1951 when Greta was just 11, and Heidi 5. They arrived at Christmas and met people from Zion Church, including Albert, that very night.

My grandparents worked in factories and my mom went to high school at Patterson Park, making friends that would last a lifetime.

Even though she dreamed of being a flight attendant, she buckled down to work as a secretary, got married and had me and my sister.

After my father’s early death, she returned to work first at the high school library, then at what eventually became Euler ACI. She worked there until her retirement and again made many friends who she stayed close with for the rest of her life.

During my childhood, we attended church here at Zion and I know this community has always been a safe haven for her.

I love that my mom had friends from all aspects of her life. Thank you for sharing your Greta stories with us. Many of you have said how much you will miss her big laugh, and trust me, I will too.

Since both my mom and my Aunt Heidi lost their husbands early in life, they turned to each other for comfort and friendship. We have often referred to them as “frick and frack” over the years.

They traveled together, visiting us in Denver as well as trips to New England and up down the coast of California.

But beyond that, they shared the simple things in life, like watching game shows, each from their respective houses, while talking on the phone together 50 times a day.

I ask you, friends of Greta, to help me support Heidi… because I know she now has a huge gaping hole in her life.

If you know my family, we are all girls. From Germany to America, generations up and down, it was girls upon girls.

When I told Mom I was having a boy she said, and I quote, “what the hell are we going to do now?”

What she learned is boys are pretty special. Her grandson Dex was soon followed by my sister’s son and I know they were the light of her life.

People have said cancer took my mom too early and that is certainly true. But I also think about how hard she fought, for how long. She had heart and cancer problems for many years.

She fought hard, so she could be with us longer. Because mom was a fighter.

Her life wasn’t always easy but she sacrificed and scraped so my sister and I could have a better one.

In the end, the family was all there with her, over varying times, that day.

I was honored to hold her hand as she passed.

I told her, “We’re here.”

She said, “I know.”

Those were the very last words she spoke.

Many people hoped to see her before she died, and I’m so sorry that didn’t work out.

But I want you to know, that she knew.

She knew that we all loved her.

Thank you.


Dustbowl Revival concert photos - Denver Larimer Lounge
Feb 2017

The Dustbowl Revival & Treehouse Sanctum at Larimer Lounge

When I heard The Dustbowl Revival was playing at Larimer Lounge, I wondered how they all would fit on stage. The answer? Barely.

There are eight members in the band and Larimer is one of the best intimate concert venues in Denver.

But they did it, and sounded great. If you have not heard their single “Busted,” it’s one of my favorites from last year – and they have many other pretty melodies to explore too. Dustbowl Revival returns to Colorado for the Denver Day of Rock in May – be sure to come out and see them.

Also awesome that night? Denver locals Treehouse Sanctum who also have quite a few members and sound great live.

Treehouse Sanctum

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Moern Suspects - Colorado band photos
Feb 2017

Fun Colorado band: Modern Suspects

We are lucky here in Colorado, that our local music scene extends in all directions. Modern Suspects, a band based in Colorado Springs, plays up in Denver frequently, and they are a lot of fun live.

Seeing as I am an old lady, most of my musical references go back to 80’s bands and Modern Suspects remind me of Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and Simple Minds wrapped up together. These guys also happen to be super nice people, so we try to see them whenever they are in Denver, or we are in Colorado Springs.

Modern Suspects are playing with another fun Denver band, Midnight Club on Saturday, February 11th at the Marquis Theatre. Be sure to go check them out!

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