Aug 2017

Happy Birthday AMZY

I used to do birthday posts for friends and I am not sure why I stopped. I also used to post a whole lot more, but that is whole ‘nother story.

Today is the birthday of two AMZY members, another has one next week… and well… Nick’s isn’t for like nine months but I’ll link back to this post for you then, pal.

If you have never seen AMZY live, I encourage you to head over to the Engage Festival at Summit Music Hall tomorrow. Of course, since there are more concerts in Denver this weekend than bikes in the Colorado Classic (who is holding a music festival too), I can’t be there.

But, trust me, I wish I could be. The guys are great live. Fun, talented, nice people. Continue reading…

The 1975 - Concert Photos Denver Fillmore
Aug 2017

The 1975 at Denver’s Fillmore – Fun Tunes & Fans

Somehow I have missed the band The 1975 on their previous stops to Denver, so I didn’t realize how young their crowd is. I don’t mean that as a criticism; I think it’s awesome that this band’s sophisticated sound appeals far beyond my expectations.

The 1975 - Denver Concert Photos

Sure, “Chocolate” is pretty pop and I remember it being all over mainstream radio – but I never would call The 1975 a mainstream band. Still, as I photographed from the pit, fans behind me knew every word to every song.

I love it when that happens. Continue reading…

Project Pabst Denver 2017: Music Festival Concert Photos
Jul 2017

Project Pabst Denver Photos: Ice Cube, Phantogram + More

Life has really gotten in the way of me editing photos lately. Project Pabst Denver happened back in May – I apologize for the tardiness of this post. That is no reflection on the fun; our favorite hipster beer pulled out the stops this year.

Headliners Ice Cube, Phantogram, Danny Brown and Kurt Vile alternated stages on either end of Larimer Street while a huge silver unicorn statue served as the easiest meeting point for a music festival ever.

“No, I’m next to Blucifer’s cousin. Really.”

Project Pabst Denver 2017: Music Festival Concert Photos Continue reading…

Concert Photos of The Damned - 40th Anniversary Tour - Denver, CO
Jul 2017

40 Years of The Damned – Concert Photos from Denver’s Summit

Classic UK punk band The Damned is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and stopped by Denver earlier this year to include us in the fun. Significantly younger but definitely kick-ass band Bleached joined the party.

Damned lead singer Dave Vanian had dislocated his shoulder earlier in the tour, but no one would have known had he not been wearing a sling. His partner in crime Captain Sensible was as joyous as ever, somewhat of an oxymoron for a punk band – but that just adds to The Damned’s legend.

These guys have refused to be defined by pretty much anything for four decades, and it shows. Every time I have seen them, it’s raucous and raw. Right now they are back to the studio and will pick back up on tour next year.

Can’t wait!

Bleached Concert Photos

The Damned & Bleached concert photos from Denver Summit Music Hall Continue reading…

Peelander-Z - Concert Photos Denver - Marquis Theatre
Jul 2017

Peelander-Z in Concert is Like Taking Crazy Pills

In a good way, of course.

Have you heard of these guys? Peelander-Z is a Japanese pop-punk band and each member goes by the color they wear at the show. Yellow is the ringleader and since they hail from “Planet Peelander,” I can’t exactly tell you his age. Let’s just say I hope I am as active and fun-loving as that dude when I’m as old as him.

Pink plays bass and leads the crowd in chanting song names from cards she waves in the air. (Mad Tiger! Mad Tiger!) Green and Purple are relatively recent additions, after Blue and Red left the group a few years ago.

But never you mind, whatever the colors, Peelander-Z is a blast live. Perhaps not the best singers you’ll hear, but certainly one of the most fun bands you will experience – ever. I say that with reasonable certainty since their last visit was my third time seeing them live and they only get better.

Perhaps it’s the wisdom they have gained over the years.

Denver Concert Photos of Peelander-Z at the Marquis

Peelander-Z Concert Photos - Denver Marquis Theatre Continue reading…