Nov 2005

What I learned today…

1). Do not go to the pharmacy at 9am on Mondays. Millions of old people are already there in line ahead of you.

2). Do not trust that your insurance and your prescription benefit company are actually talking to each other, even though they appear as a united front on your insurance card.

3). The pharmacist at the local grocery store seems to think she knows my health insurance plan better than I do. (She was wrong).

4). Do whatever it takes to get the meds your son needs, because life is so much better after he takes them.

Nov 2005

Urgent Care

Well, I guess Declan took my post about taking advantage of our insurance seriously, because this afternoon, he started wheezing so badly I could hear him from the other room. The allergist thought he might have mild allergies – but I really believe he has cold-induced asthma because tonight was far worse than it usually is, not to mention he has repeatedly gotten like this when he has a cold.

So, off to Urgent Care we go.

They immediately put him on a nebulizer, which I must proudly say, he handled like a champ. They also put him on prednisone, which I am not happy about due to vague recollections that it was not good for my Oma when she was on it. But the doc swore it was the right thing for what was going on with Declan, so we went ahead with it. Apparently the liquid form tastes like shit so they hid it in Gatorade but Declan still slurped it down no problem. The nurse was totally loving him.

Within 10 minutes of the treatment, there was a MAJOR difference in his breathing. The doctor prescribed us more albuterol and a short course of prednisone. He also ordered a nebulizer machine for us to have at the house, and I am pleased/shocked to say it arrived within 10 minutes of us getting home. Now that’s service.

But here is the funny part. They warned us that the albuterol might make him a little hyper. That’s what they said. A little hyper.




My child was freaking hilarious tonight. It was as if I gave him 50,000 Cokes on top of 100,000 Sweet Tarts. Piiiing. Piiiing. PIIIING! From topic to topic in a super fast talking voice… dancing while he ate… He even vomited when we got home (the prednisone) and went on dancing and singing without skipping a beat. I grabbed the video camera and took nearly 30 minutes of footage of him being the biggest goofball I have ever met (and don’t forget, I have been married to Bryan for nearly 10 years – so I know what I am talking about).

We finally got him to bed just now.

Bryan is so tired, I think it aches just for him even to blink.

And yes, I am staying home with the little guy tomorrow. Poor kid. Let’s all hope he feels better soon.

Nov 2005

Internet Mommy Lunch

I had lunch today with 2 ladies (and their families) who I met through the Internet. Bryan calls them PIMs (Psycho Internet Moms) – a name actually stolen from another PIM’s husband. If you had told me a few years ago that I would be meeting up with strangers from the Internet, I would have told you that you were nuts. But there are several ladies who I have formed such a tight bond with, who know me so well – even though it is only through the keyboard… that it is awesome to see each other when we get the chance.

Nov 2005

Should be sleeping…

Especially since Bryan went to bed over 2 hours ago. But I got sucked into watching a 90 minute documentary of Jason Mraz on tour in 2003. I recently saw him live with Danielle and I was blown away – especially by his voice. The documentary reinforced that, and added to my fascination with this kid who is a total mixture of cocky asshole and skinny nerd.

Nov 2005

It’s the Little Things

After nap today we were all hanging out in Declan’s room and talking. (That new bed really is comfortable). I was telling Declan about Thanksgiving, what we were doing to celebrate, and how it is a day to remember the good things in our life.

What does Declan rate highest on his list of the good things?

“I am thankful for macaroni & cheese, and peas.”