Nov 2005

I don’t know how they will top Colin Firth, but…

Pride & Prejudice (the new one) opens next weekend. Joy of all joy, Bryan just agreed to let me sneak out and go see it. I am seriously scared though, that they will screw up the wonderfulness that is the BBC mini-series version of the book, not to mention the book itself. P&P is my fave Jane Austen book (close second being Sense & Sensibility – but they really are the same book essentially, so it almost counts as one thing). Not to mention my long standing love for Colin Firth – and not just because of that wet shirt scene – so again, I am excited yet scared to see a new rendition. But of course, I don’t really care and will go see it no matter what, just to have some alone time in the theater with a chick flick and some popcorn.

Nov 2005

Happy poop day!

Bryan played Mr. Expert Plumber today and replaced our old, failing toilet. I can’t express the joy of, when flushing the toilet, our excrement actually going down the shoot on the 1st try.

Meanwhile, Declan and I went out in search of big boy beds today. We may have found what he need, but in turn that means I need to find a headboard and new bedding to coordinate it all. I foresee an afternoon of internet browsing while he sleeps.

I am bittersweet about the big boy bed thing. I mean, I do think it is time, he is finally ready. But it is also a signal that my baby is growing up. Not to mention the lack of control I will have when he gets himself out of his bed all on his own. As I have mentioned, I realize I have issues with control and certainly my son should be allowed to get up and take himself to the bathroom when the need arises… I just need to remind myself of that about 5,000 times.

Speaking of, just this minute he shat himself during nap and was very upset about it.

Where and when can I order that big boy bed???

Nov 2005

The man who both Bryan and I have a crush on.

If you don’t recognize him, it’s Henry Rollins. Formerly of the punk band Black Flag, currently dabbles in just about everything media related. Saw him do 3 hours of spoken word in Boulder last night and per usual, he was fucking awesome. Hilariously funny, but also magnificent at seeing through the bullshit of the world. For example, he has now done 6 USO tours for the troops – some of which to the most dangerous places in the world – yet hates Bush. Proving that you can love your country, support the troops, but still loudly question your leaders.

Oh, and my new phrase that I plan to use all the time, that I picked up from Henry last night? “I was so mad, I wanted to eat my hair.” Love it.

Nov 2005

Press 1 to kill your husband.

A: ((dials Bryan’s extension… ringg ringg))

B: ((answers phone)) Hello, thank you for calling Bryan. If you would like speak to Bryan, press 1.

A: ((1))

B: I’m sorry, all Bryan’s are busy right now. If you would like to talk to a horse, press 2.

A: ((2))

B: Now, if you would like to speak to a horse in Spanish, press uno. Or, if you would like to speak to a German horse, press zwei.

A: ((2))

B: I am sorry, the German horse has been put out to pasture.

A: ((presses buttons all over the phone and holds them for annoyingly long periods of time))

B: I am sorry, I did not understand your selection. Please try again.

A: ((forgets what she called about and hangs up))