Nov 2005

Allergy Testing

Tomorrow we learn the fate of our cat, Finn. Both Declan and I are getting allergy skin tested, and we suspect Declan has a cat allergy like his Daddy. I am really looking forward to watching my son get pricked by a needle about a 100 times, and even more so, I can’t wait to go through it myself. Worse yet will be when we see a huge welt on Declan’s back when they insert kitty fur.

Nov 2005

Just threw away the Halloween candy.

Having candy in the house is a slippery slope for a diabetic. It calls to you. If it weren’t here, you would going on your merry little way, not really missing its existence. But when it is here… you want it… you need it… you… you… you… um, anyway, so – I just threw it all away.

Don’t worry – I wasn’t too Scroogey… Declan got to eat some candy after trick or treating. And he got candy at school (but that is a story for another day!)…. And he had fun at both the Boo at the Zoo and walking around our neighborhood scaring the pants off people in his Elmo costume.

Nov 2005

Some things about me.

I grew up in Maryland. Went to college in Florida. Have lived in Colorado for 12 years.

Married Bryan nearly 10 years ago. We are great for each other.

Had Declan in Sept 2002.

We didn’t think we were ever going to have kids. We spent 2 years changing our minds. It was a great decision, although it definitely is hard sometimes.

Bryan loves me. A lot. (He just told me.)

I love Bryan and Declan. A lot.

I am a Creative Director who works in health education.

Staunch liberal. Well… middle of the road liberal. Not too crunchy, but definitely in a blue state of mind.

Love photography and pottery.

Am generally a happy person, but there is still always something for me to bitch about.

For example, my father died when I was 11. He was an abusive, schizophrenic alcoholic. It pisses me off that he still affects me 20+ years after his death.

I have wicked night terrors… but Lunesta has helped those tremendously.

I am of mostly German heritage, with a little English and Irish in there too.

I believe Declan to be an old soul.

Have a graphic design degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

As you will see, I generally have a typos in just about every other word I type.

In fact, I almost always type “from” instead of “form” and vice versa.

I have a geographic tongue.

I post on several online mommy message boards. I have even met a few of them in real life.

My mom and her sister are bossom buddies.

We are a strictly Macintosh household.

Declan was 8 weeks premature. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU. He has no lasting effects.

I take photos of Declan constantly.

I came close to becomming a photographer for my career.

I am again toying with that idea, at least as a sideline for portraiture.

I like to read… but generally avoid books that make me smarter. Although, I did read about 500 books about parenting while pregnant with Declan.

I took bits and pieces of advice from each book, but do not think parenting is one-size-fits-all.

I am agnostic. I do believe in a higher power, just not a specific one.

I take pottery classes.

I have one sister, who in engaged and they have an adorable 6 month old son together.

I watch movies constantly and have reviewed over 4,000 movies on Netflix.

I rarely watch TV.

I wear glasses. I have contacts for swimming, but I hate touching my eyes… and also, I look better in glasses.

I am diabetic. They discovered it while I was pregnant with Declan.

I am overweight – but have lost 12 pounds since August. I hope to lose at least 20 more.

I have over 3,500 songs in my iTunes library. I worked in a record store in high school, which taught me to appreciate most styles of music. Although in general, I prefer 80’s new wave and adult alternative. I also love to make mix CD’s for people, a la High Fidelity.

I have control issues. Having Declan is teaching me all about letting go, feeling good and remembering my inner child.

I have been in talk therapy for almost 2 years. It has helped me a lot.

~~My Lunesta is kicking in. Night night.

Nov 2005

About Us

Both “Greeble” and “Monkey” were my son’s nicknames while he was in my belly. So Greeblemonkey is where I document our lives. I am a graphic designer/web developer from Denver who loves music and movies and the two goofballs I live with. I take pottery classes and also actively pursue photography as a hobby. And when I say pursue, I mean chase my husband Bryan and my son Declan around the house with a camera.

Bryan and I grew up in Maryland but moved to Denver over 13 years ago. Denver is definitely home for us now. We’ve been married over a decade and Bryan is the funniest person I know. Except maybe Declan, who is quickly climbing the ranks.

Thanks for stopping by.