Happy poop day!

Bryan played Mr. Expert Plumber today and replaced our old, failing toilet. I can’t express the joy of, when flushing the toilet, our excrement actually going down the shoot on the 1st try.

Meanwhile, Declan and I went out in search of big boy beds today. We may have found what he need, but in turn that means I need to find a headboard and new bedding to coordinate it all. I foresee an afternoon of internet browsing while he sleeps.

I am bittersweet about the big boy bed thing. I mean, I do think it is time, he is finally ready. But it is also a signal that my baby is growing up. Not to mention the lack of control I will have when he gets himself out of his bed all on his own. As I have mentioned, I realize I have issues with control and certainly my son should be allowed to get up and take himself to the bathroom when the need arises… I just need to remind myself of that about 5,000 times.

Speaking of, just this minute he shat himself during nap and was very upset about it.

Where and when can I order that big boy bed???

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