Hooray! I have a small uterus!

Went to my (beloved) OBGYN today to go something about my hellacious periods. I love her so much, I should just go in there and hang out with her every once and a while. I have been with her for over 10 years. That is devotion.

She did an exam and said everything feels OK, and that my “uterus is very small, perfect.” At least I have one thing on me that is small.

When I described my symptoms, she said I have 3 options:

1. Get back on the pill.
2. Have a procedure that burns the inside of my uterus, and then 80% of women do not have their period afterwards.
3. Have a hysterectomy.

Obviously, I went with #1.

She put me on Seasonale, with the added incentive of only having 4 periods a year.

When I asked her what the negatives of taking the pill were (since in my 20’s I didn’t care what the negatives were), she said, “you have to remember to take a pill every day.”

To which I laughed uproariously. I take 6,000 pills per day as it is. All I have to do it take one more and stop the onslaught of hell that is my period? You got it, lady.

She then went into how it lowers risk for certain cancers, blah blah blah. I was still stuck on the thought of only 4 periods per year (and light ones at that).

And the best news: I looked on my health insurance web site and it appears they cover Seasonale, even though my doc was sure they would not. Which is why she gave me a free sample (which technically equates to 3 free samples, if you think about it). Which came inside a cute little pink purse.

So, I take it back. The little pink purse is the best news.

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