Weekend Plans

Tonight: Ice Cream Night. Assess what presents I still need to get and also pack what I can for the Maryland family. I can’t believe how late I am running this year. I guess that is what happens when you plan a vacation in the middle of December. I am only up to “G” with the holiday cards, too.

Saturday: Frantic last minute shopping if needed (and I suspect it is needed). Get to post office to mail said packages. Plumber coming to check a leak in the basement plumbing. That’s Bryan’s job.

Saturday night: Dinner out with business partner and her hubby. Their 13 and 16 yo kids are babysitting for the 1st time. Should be fun. Well, fun for us – we’ll see what Declan thinks.

Sunday: Hopefully swimming with Lily and her dad (while her mom crams for finals at school) at a rec center somewhere (obviously indoors, seeing as the cold snap continues here in Denver).

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