Adventures in Customer Service: ViewSonic

I won’t go into *all* the details because it is sure to give me a heart attack… but basically Bryan’s computer monitor (at work) was fritzing about a month ago, so he sent it in to ViewSonic repairs. This is the second ViewSonic we have had repaired, by the way.

Long story short, Bryan has chased them down with phone calls for a month and they finally said yesterday it was “unrepairable” and they would contact him at some unknown date in the future to select a replacement (because that model had been retired). I won’t go into the details of this conversation, because again, my heart starts constricting if I think about it – but let me assure you, Bryan did a very humorous rendition of the exchange (and the ViewSonic customer service lady did *not* come out in a positive light).

Guess what arrived today?

No, really. Guess.

Bryan’s old monitor.

I shit you not.

The one that sat at their warehouse for a whole month and was supposedly “unrepairable.”

Bryan called ViewSonic and asked them what the hell was up and know what the customer service guy said?

No, really. Guess.

“Well, try it out! See if it works!”

Direct quote.

Oh, and the final straw? They didn’t bother to return the power cable with the monitor.

I think my head is going to pop off and splash brain juice all around my office.

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