For the Color-Challenged…

I love color! I have always loved color! It was my favorite subject back in college! Color color COLOR! Bryan used to have me pre-make palettes of color for him because he hated mixing and matching, but I love it!

And James turned me on to my new favorite site: COLOURlovers.

And check out yesterday’s post. It’s like my dream post. Now people can finally stop calling maroon mauve, and vice versa.

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  1. Sue at nobaddays

    Thank you. I am dreaming up a new web project at present so this comes in very handy. As you know (Miss-I-feel-like-I-just-aged-10-years-redesigning
    -my-website), color, design, content, function are inseparable and must be considered from the beginning.

  2. Sarah

    Oh man! That site looks awesome!

  3. Sue at nobaddays

    I just spent my lunch hour there … it’s a horribly, horribly addictive place to go!

  4. Heather

    So THAT is puce?!

  5. monstergirlee

    I’ve always considered Puce to be a shade similar to olive, only more brown. No way is Puce a shade of pink. They’re wrong.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I have always though it a bit more grayish brown than they show… however… Wikipedia seems to agree with them too!

  7. aimee / greeblemonkey

    P.S. You also have to remember, there is massive (MASSIVE) color shift from monitor to monitor. But I have mine color collaborated pretty well… and I think most of their picks are spot on and would only shift a few a teensy bit if I had a choice.

  8. Jean-Luc Picard

    I’ve never been sure just what mauve is!

  9. soccer mom in denial

    That was fun!! Although I agree the Chartruse wasn’t quite right.

    Of course, a site like that would drive my color-blind husband batty.

  10. Meghann

    I have to strongly disagree with their mauve, lol! To me, what they listed as puce is more mauve.

  11. Sue at nobaddays

    Another reason art programs in schools are important — so we can all learn our color wheel.

  12. sue

    How fun!I do rubber stamping and crafting and a friend who got me into it was talking one day about the “color wheel” and to my amazement, this mature woman had no clue what colors were made of (you know, red and blue = purple, etc) or what colors were complimentry or oposite. I was stunned.

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