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A lot has been buzzing around my head lately concerning the primaries. Excuse me while I expunge it all.

First, let me say, I think the Democrats have several good candidates. And if Clinton were to win the nomination I will certainly vote for her. However, I am of the belief that she was selfish to run in the first place. As much as I like Hillary personally, there are soooo many people who Hate her. Hate with a capital H. I have to wonder if the Republicans have been sitting back, hoping she will win, because they know she is easiest to beat? The Oliver Stone side of me wonders if they haven’t even been funding her. And if she wins, will she be able to get anything done?

Now, now, I feel bad coming out against a sistah, but as Heather so eloquently said over at BlogHer – why does it have to be about race or gender? It really should be about who fits your beliefs the best.

According to the site Mothergoosemouse is featuring today, Hillary is my #1 choice and by SelectSmart.com (see my results below), Barack is my #1 choice. The interesting thing is, all along my heart has lead me to John Edwards. (And apparently, I think Steven Colbert is a funny guy, but not a good presidential contender).

But here’s the thing, Mr. WonderHair is not doing so well. So, do I vote for him and pull a Nader, essentially wasting my vote? And why is he still in it anyway? I had lunch last week with several colleagues, one of whom does communication work in the political arena, and he had some really interesting things to say. His take is that Edwards is making a power play for the DNC (which, did you know, is being held here???) – that Edwards is holding his delegates till Denver and will see what Clinton or Obama can give him in return. Attorney General, anyone?

Because will he really want to be veep? And will they really want him? There is a theory being thrown about, a “western strategy” – where the politicos think the candidates will court New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and yes, Colorado (because it IS a western state) and appeal to the Hispanic vote, where they have historically gone after the southern vote. In that case, Bill Richardson starts to sound like a very good Vice President indeed.

Colorado has traditionally been a red state. This is somewhat surprising to people who have only visited Denver, which is a liberal donut hole plopped in the middle of a conservative state. But last election, we were fairly pink and Denver may just sway the whole shebang to light blue in this election. This must be, coupled with the western strategy thing, the reason my phone is ringing off the hook every single night.

And while all these maneuverings are very interesting – certainly more interesting than Britney’s latest breakdown (hint hint, CNN), I still feel somewhat dejected that it can’t be as simple as Heather describes. Vote with your heart. Although if I was really voting with my heart, apparently I would be making out with Dennis Kucinich.

All along I have said I really liked Obama too. So, do I vote for him? He who feels like a Kennedy. I know I have been lapse at watching the debates (not having cable does have its drawbacks), but this guy can bring tears to my eyes. He is ready to fight. He is a breath of fresh air.

And I have to say, while Hillary has worked long and hard to get where she is, I am really not ready to dive back into all the rhetoric that surrounded the Clintons towards the end of the 90s.

What to do. What to do.

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  1. Jennifer

    There is a very strong case being argued stating that Edwards may well be the kingmaker at a brokered DNC.

    Interesting times.

    I for one am just beside myself with excitement that people are actually motivated to vote, in record numbers. I’m so geeked out over this election cycle that I can’t stand myself sometimes.

  2. mothergoosemouse

    Thanks for the link to SelectSmart.com! What a great site.

    Unfortunately, it hasn’t given me different results. I scored 60% each for Clinton and Giuliani, and 59% for McCain. As usual, my views put me on both sides of the aisle, and even though it would seem that Paul – as a Libertarian – would be an ideal choice for me, I disagree with him on many points.

  3. zipper

    Great post, it is an interesting time indeed.

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    lori, it’s because I say “fuck” sometimes. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Interesting post. Thanks.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I definitely see your point, AD – I just feel like there hasn’t been a “new blood” feeling since Kennedy that has compared to what it feels like with Obama. Not that I was there, but that’s what several people have told me who were there, and it definitely feels like that since within my lifetime.

  7. Lauren

    I am right there with you, Aimee!

  8. saucygrrl

    Edwards is holding out for sure, there’s not a prayer of him winning the primary and there have been a lot of rumors circulating that he’s been in contact with both camps trying to negotiate a little somethin somethin.

    I’ve been in the Obama camp for quite some time and incredibly excited that the Kennedys have backed him. I disagree with alpha dogma, I think their support is holds tremendous weight and momentu

  9. Christina

    Good point about Edwards hanging around for the convention. Something to ponder. I sent in my absentee ballot (CA) for Obama finally. And if I had not, the speech he gave in South Carolina Sat night would have put me over the top anyway.
    The party would be wise to shoot for the west. There have been some very effective grassroots efforts to build the party here and it is working. Either way, it is a lot of fun to watch and I am also excited by the voter participation so far. I hate apathy so whatever it is that bringing people out (could be Obama!), more power to him/her.

  10. Lori Pickert

    aimee, i’ve been looking everywhere – where’s that “adult content” the blogger choice awards are warning me about?!

    ha! good luck with your awards, and thus far, i’ve changed my mind about my choice for democratic candidate three times. no wait, four.

  11. imaginary binky

    My results were almost identical to yours. I am starting to embrace the fact that I am a flaming liberal. haha!

    I’m an Obama girl? Who knew?

  12. Gryphen

    Your instincts seem to be very sharp in this area. If you are leaning toward Obama, then lean on lady. He is without a doubt the best possible candidate in the race right now.

    Even creepy old Ted Kennedy was inspired by him, as was the always elegant Caroline Kennedy.

    This may be your chance to vote in a truly historic election. Don’t miss it.

  13. Alpha DogMa

    As a non-impartial foreigner, I would not be upset if the Democratic ticket included any combination of Obama, Rodham-Clinton, Edwards or even Dennis “I’m friends with Shirley MacLaine” Kucinich. But if I did get to vote — I’d be torn.

    However, I think we all need to take a deep breath and come to the collective agreement that the endorsement of the Kennedy family means NOTHING. And please, could the media stop invoking the imagery of the much tarnished Camelot?

  14. Renaissance Woman

    I agree that this race has become less abobut the candidates and more about race and gender. And while I am proud that the time has come that President has a different visual image, I want a win! I believe we need a Democrat in office.

    My choice has always been between Hilary and Barack…I don’t feel like John Edwards isn’t ready professionally or personally. I do think that Hilary brings maturity, experience and knowledge. I also know that she brings Bill and that is received 50/50. I agree with you…there are a lot of people out there that HATE the Clintons (and Hilary often takes the blame).

    Barack is young, smart, vibrant and passionate. He has great ideas, strong policies and the potential to grow into a outstanding leader.

    As a women, I believe it may be history in the making to vote for Hilary. I actually think that she is the better candidate. I also don’t believe that she will win. So while I am good with Barack as my president, my first vote will go to Hilary.

  15. talesofmy30s

    I feel much the same that you do. Obama & Edwards in one way or another is what I say.

    (Phone ringing off the hook you say? I haven’t had one call yet. I’m halfway jealous. Husband is unaffliated, but I’m registered Democrat. Hmm.)


    I enjoy politics and I lean more towards the right so I am not a big supporter of any Dem. But if a dem was going to win I would like to see Obama or Edwards. Hillary does nothing for me and I would hate to see the whole CO-Presidency with Bill.

    I think if Edwards has the money and the stamina he may actually rise to the top if Hillary and Obama keep playing the way they do. People will get sick of hearing about both of them and they may destroy each other. If they both are destroyed the man standing is Edwards.

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Tales of My 30s – we have a phone where it speaks the caller ID… so last night at dinner we hear “HILLARY FOR PRE” (except it pronounces it PREE) and we laughed – “Oh Hillary Clinton is calling us again!”

    And William, that is one thing I really hate about the primaries… how the candidates rip each other apart. But if it does happen and Edwards is there to pick up the pieces, I guess I won’t complain.

  18. Tree

    I am like mouthergoosemouse, economically conservative and socially liberal. I have been watching this election process with excitement and wonder and, now, with growing disgust.

    These behind the scenes dealings are what sours the public and makes us jaded. I can understand Edwards motivation – that’s smart. But the people who are voting for him are voting for HIM, not the candidate with whom he strikes the best deal. Although it can be argued that if that deal is the best for Edwards, it is the best for his supporters as well, I disagree.

    Frankly, I think Hillary Clinton is more likeable now than ever before. However, I like Barack Obama. I like his freshness and I like his perspective and his ideas. What I think the Kennedy endorsement provides is the inner working of the democratic party that Carter did not have behind him.

  19. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    All really good points, Tree.

  20. Autumn

    This was a great post. Many of the things you said I have been thinking too. The one thing I am absolute on is that we need a change. I am not a huge fan of Hilary, I think Edwards and Obama come with less baggage and may be better able to get things done earlier on. However if she is the nominee, I will vote for her.

  21. mamagnome

    Hi Aimee,

    I wish to respectfully disagree with the idea that women are excused from supporting a woman (if her politics are reasonably in line with one’s own). To me, this seems like the last chance we will have for a long time to see a woman in the White House and to overlook this chance is extremely foolish. I have found it quite frustrating that male candidates continually succeed on charisma, something that would be considered distasteful in a woman. Unfortunately, obvious hard work is also considered distasteful, for we like our leaders to appear to come by knowledge and success without visible effort. You raised the issue that so many people in the country Hate Hillary. I think we need to ask ourselves Why that is? I seriously doubt that people would bother with hating her if she were a man. I recognize that I am coming from the most out-of-step leftist bubbles in the country (San Francisco, which incidentally is Obama country to judge by the bumper stickers) and do not have my finger on the pulse of the US electorate. It saddens me, however, to watch how difficult it is for our country to even contemplate powerful women. That people are now talking about Edwards as Kingmaker is no exception. Terminology matters.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    mamagnome, you touch on something that my husband and I talked about at length recently. And also that I talked about a little bit on a comment at Noble Savage’s blog recently. That Hillary comes off like a bitch sometimes – but why is that? Because sadly, she had to act like that for so long to get the men to take her seriously. It is sad indeed that women of her generation had to do that, and also get labeled that when they behave that way, when men seem “strong” for it. I am definitely grateful for her and others like her for paving the way and I am not sure people of my generation realize how hard it was for them.

    I definitely appreciate what you said, and appreciate differing opinions.

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And heather (and everybody) I really enjoy the discussion, even when we disagree. Smooches.

  24. Anonymous

    I am writing in Theo I. Candidate. I agree 100% with them. If that’s not possible, I’m 5% more Obama than you.


  25. laughingatchaos

    Yes, it’s very likely Edwards could be Kingmaker this summer. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. He’d make a great AG. As for Richardson, as good of a VP as he’d be, I’d rather see him as Secretary of State. Very qualified.
    And don’t you think our dear state is more of a lovely periwinkle? A little pink, a little blue, kinda pale…LOL!

  26. chloebear

    Great post – echoing lots of things I was pondering in my head already.
    and lucky me – I’m on the committee at my hospital trying to help develop a plan for a terrorist attack because of the DNC being here this year.

  27. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    MB, there are several people here at work that feel that way, and I can see why. 🙂 I just wish it didn’t have to be about that.

  28. villanovababy

    Every time I read your posts, I like you more and more. 🙂 My percentages line up closely with yours…and my Kucinich compatibility was surprisingly high, considering I don’t believe in UFO’s. But, then again, he’s a veg-head like me, so I can’t help but be a little sorry he didn’t do better…

  29. Queeny

    Oooooo, politics. I try not to go there, but this race (presidential, not ethnic) has me all up in it. I like Hillary (I truly do), and I do believe she could win it. For me, it’s just a matter of who gets the Democratic nom. All of them (Obama and Edwards) stand a good chance of getting to the house. Either would have my vote over the GOP hopefuls.

  30. Heather B.

    That last comment is what gets me the whole “women should vote for the woman” mantra is getting rather old. Obviously I’ve expressed this enough but really now, this whole race and gender thing is becoming quite tiring.

    Aimee, you on the other hand, as I mentioned before, make some good points to think about. Do I agree with you? Not necessarily. But valid nonetheless. The race/gender argument though? Seriously, I’d rather be kicked in the face at this point.

  31. crabapple

    I feel ya…I feel the same way about Hilary, meaning I like her but feel she might not have a real chance at winning. It’s bizarre to me the pure vitriol some people have for her, especially republican women, but there it is. I think Obama has a better chance of winning the popular vote, though I think Hilary has far more powerful political connections. This one will be interesting.

  32. MB

    Okay, going out on a limb with mamagnome here…never before have we been able to entertain the idea of a woman as president. I think we owe it to ourselves and our daughters…to seriously consider Hillary. Maybe even just because she’s a woman. There, I’ve said it.

    She is a solid senator with an impressive history of making decisions based on law – I can get behind that.

    In a perfect world, the dems would choose the most powerful team and go from there…we’ll see, won’t we!

  33. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Andrea, to each his own, but I am not sure I think Romney is much of a change, since he seems to follow along with many of Bushes philosophies. Maybe he would be more honest in his dealings, but the core of the message would still be the same. JMHO.

  34. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Carrie, excellent comment. Thanks for reminding us how amazing it is to have the choices we have in this election. Yay us!!!

    I actually she’d a tear or two when I gear about Edwards dropping out today, but then I was able to put the Obama bumper sticker on my car this morning with a clear conscious. 😉

  35. Anonymous

    very interesting post. I am enjoying the conversation in the comments.

  36. Andrea

    I may be late on saying this and I may be the only one who thinks this but I am a woman and I am not voting for Clinton. It is time for a change. We don’t need another Clinton in office. She was already “there” when her husband was President. It’s time for something different.

    One can vote for who ever they like to. You don’t have to vote for your “party”. I agree that you should vote for the best canidate. But when voting for the President I think we are all choosing the better of two evils. This year we actually have some good runners. I personally like Romney. He is honest. When have we ever had one of those in the White house, someone who is honest?

  37. carrie

    I heard an interesting commentary a few days ago about the Democratic candidates . . . that right now, we are between a rock and a hard place because we have at least TWO viable candidates in the forms of a female and an African American, and how incredibly ground-breaking is that???? It is hard to choose between the two because some women feel like a vote for Obama is denying their gender. While on the flip side a vote for Clinton by a black is denying their race.

    But aren’t we so LUCKY to have this dilemma right now? I think so, and I feel so priviledged to be alive during this most important political era, and to be able to take part in it.

    And yeah, in my heart, I love Edwards, but I know it’s a lost cause at this point.

  38. Jerseygirl89

    Thank you for stating so eloquently what I have been feeling lately. Mom101 wrote an excellent post about the candidates and did point out that Hillary has the most comprehensive plan for families. Which of course confused me further. I’m seriously thinking of not voting in the Democratic primaries because in the general election I will happily for Hillary or Obama (or Kucinich, actually).

  39. T.R.

    You’ve nailed the Hillary dilemma perfectly – as much as I love her I believe her momentum was driven by Rovian like Republican tactics — because she is definitely the Democrat Repubs can beat and possibly the only Democrat they could beat. Her nomination ensures another Republican president.

    After 8 years of depression, I was ready to support the one Democrat I thought Repubs could vote for – Edwards. Plus his environmental record is much better than BO or HRC. I do agree that BO does have that Kennedy mystique – my test suggested he should be my candidate — so between that and sweet Caroline’s stamp — I have forgiven Obama for his McClurkin mistake and am ready to vote him into office. May camelot, democracy, basic human rights and a robust economy return.

  40. Anonymous

    Great discussion, everyone.

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