More Cute Kids

Last weekend I did a pre-dinner photo shoot with one of Declan’s best friends and her little sister. It’s amazing how much they have grown in the year since I did their last photo shoot. It’s also amazing how much easier it is to get kids to act natural when you know them really well. Unfair advantage, I know.

But here’s the thing. I really have been meaning to expand my freelance photography dealiebob. And make it less like a dealiebob and more like a j-o-b. But I end up more often just taking photos of friend’s kids because it’s easier. Partly because I hate trying to sell myself and partly cause we are just so busy with work and life anyway – who has the time???

But when I have a great afternoon like I did shooting these girls, I wish I made the time.

Trudy & Tess Stacked

First Shot Off

Green Watering Can

Playing Around


Arm Over Chair


The Final Shot

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  1. Tree

    What beautiful children and what amazing pics.

    You have such a talent.

  2. zipper

    great photos.

  3. laughingatchaos

    Oh, seriously hon, if you want to practice on boys, I’ll bring mine right over! These are lovely! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    These are great – John

  5. amy

    Those photos are beautiful! Definitely not dealiebob material–more like j-o-b for sure! It wouldn’t be hard to market those kinds of shots.
    Nice work–beautiful kids. 🙂

  6. Mayberry

    They are darling (tape around the toe and all). If I lived near you I’d so hire you!

  7. Lisa

    Very good pics! I would love to get good pics like that of my girls.

  8. Anonymous

    I love the black and whites.

  9. Ashmystir

    awesome photos there Aimee!


  10. monstergirlee

    What beautiful girls! Wow.

    So when are you going to come up here and dealie-bob me and my fambly? (Can’t wait to see you on TV)

    Oh- have to share, my son just used the word – Gratuitous, in context – OMG!

  11. monstergirlee

    btw – LOVE the duct tape on her toe!

  12. Marley

    These are wonderful!

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