RIP, Michael Jackson

Yesterday was a weird day. Weird weird weird.

First Farrah Fawcett died, and I was all caught up in memories of playing Charlie’s Angels in the backyard, going back and forth over which Angel I liked best… and then BAM! Twitter fucking exploded with the news that Michael Jackson had a heart attack, then was in a coma, and then died. DIED.

And the rest of the day was a mass online funeral service where everyone was tweeting their favorite MJ songs and talking about how much they loved him.

Loved him?

That fucking freak?

OK. Part of me was sad. I’ll admit it. The part that bought Thriller when I was 12 years old and loved the Billie Jean video and even listens to Man In The Mirror once in a while. But part of me was glad that a pedophile who purchased bones and Beatles songs and invited children to his ranch for no other purpose than to terrorize them is gone from this earth.

Derek had it right when he said this:

But then we broke the news to Declan last night. Declan, who performed Thriller at summer camp last year. Declan, who loved that song so much, he swallowed his sensitive tears and watched that creepy-as-shit video and stayed glued to YouTube for all 13 minutes of the extended version. Declan, who still sings that song to himself when he thinks no one is listening.

Oh lord. What a complicated world we live in. When super talented people are also super freaks.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. I hope you find peace wherever the fuck you are right now.

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  1. Anonymous

    I agree. Steve and I were talking about this last night.
    Diane C

  2. Meghann

    Most of us musicians are freaks, some admittedly more than others. They’ve actually proven ties between being a musician and mental illness. The history of music is laced with very famous composers that were total freaks. There is strong evidence Tchaikovsky was a pedophile, Beethoven was a manic depressive, and I can’t remember which one at the moment, but one composer hired men to beat him several times a day so he could take a dump. He was reported to smile while they did it too.

    All that said, I was more just shocked than anything at Michael Jackson’s death, just because of how famous he was. I’m not sad or anything.

  3. Anonymous

    He totally was a freak pedophile. Good riddance.

  4. helltygr

    Whatever the truth of his personal life, the man never had a chance to be normal.
    His music, however, defined a decade.

  5. Mary Lynn

    Thanks, Aimee…I was starting to think I was the only one.

    I got accused of being cold for confessing I felt indifferent to his death on Facebook. I was never a fan of his music–not even Thriller. It was huge when I was 12, but for whatever reason I chose to separate myself from the crowd by being the person who didn’t like it.

    I’ve spent today reading all the words of adoration thinking, “Huh? Really?!?”

    He just always struck me as someone who was sad and pitiable. And later when all those allegations came out, a little bit creepy. His need to modify his appearance pointed to a sort of self-loathing that seemed disturbing. He may have been talented, but since it wasn’t really my kind of music I have trouble seeing past all the other stuff.

  6. Corey~living and loving

    It is really odd to hear people gushing over a man who very likely sexually abused children. from the aligations to the interviews everything in my personal training of sex offenders leads me to believe he most definately was attracted to children.

    Great music….but not a man to worship.

  7. zipper

    Not sad at all. Bye.

  8. fruitlady

    My best friend called to tell me how sad she was about it and I told her I mourned him years ago. I was fascinated by the manner of his death yesterday but the MJ I loved died in my eyes a long time ago.

  9. monstergirlee

    My mouth dropped open and I said Wow, when I heard. Thats about it.
    He was a freak, & I totally believe he was a pedophile too.
    Sad? Nope. Oh well.
    Sadder about Farrah.

  10. rookiemom whitney

    Totally agree with the previous poster that ther’s no need to be sad. The musical hero MJ dies a ways back. I will miss him no extra now that he’s dead. He was a great contributor to our culture and we still will enjoy his old music. I had no expectations for him to create anything new at this point, so I would not say that he was taken too early. His downward shame spiral could have gotten worse and worse actually.

  11. Pgoodness

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. The old MJ, that I grew up with? I’m sad he’s gone….but I’ve been sad about that for years! The older, completely screwed up man who felt little boys should sleep in his bed so he could give them “love”? BUH-BYE

  12. Kimberly

    I, possibly for one, was looking forward to his comeback. I wanted to see him redeem himself. Yesterday, my heart actually hurt when I heard the news. You can call me an idiot misguided sap but my HEART HURTS.

  13. thecheekofgod

    I was cleaning out the Reader this evening and almost removed you (I’m new here, wonder if I fit in, and have too many feeds) and then I saw this.

    You’re staying. Simply because you had the gall to say what no one else in my Reader did.

    MJ? Yeah, I did the Thriller thing. Who didn’t. But for the past 15 or so years, all I’ve been saying is that I wish he’d just go away.

    Heartless? Probably. Do I care? Not really.

    Keep workin’ the honesty . . .

  14. NaysWay

    I won’t say what Michael Jackson did or didn’t do in his personal life because I wasn’t there. I didn’t know him personally and we weren’t friends. Wherever he is now, I’m sure he’s being judged accordingly, but it’s definitely not my place to say.

    As a fan of his music, I will miss the great, undeniable contribution he left to the entertainment industry.

  15. Sizzle

    When I mourn MJ I am really mourning that part of my childhood that he is so enmeshed in. He’s in a lot of my memories from then. Do I agree with the way he behaved later in life? No. But I can still respect his music which really had a phenomenal impact on the entire world.

    I don’t necessarily agree with how Woody Allen lives his life but I do enjoy his movies and think he’s talented.

    I’ve separated the two. Doesn’t make me right or wrong, it’s just how I feel.

  16. Nat

    You know Farah I gained a lot of respect for as she battled cancer… something dignified in that. I totally underestimated her. I was totally Sabrina when we played Charlie’s Angels.

    On Jacko. What is pissing me off right now is all this “he had a hard life”, as if that it makes ok to molest boys… does it explain the behaviour? Yes, but it does not in any way shape or form excuse it.(And from the sounds of things he never sought help for it from anyone for it either.) He abused children and I hope his kids aren’t so messed up that they can’t get help.

    We had to try and explain to The Boy what happened to MJs face a months ago. Odd conversation. The Boy wanted to know why?

    So how are things in Iran?

  17. mamatulip

    “What a complicated world we live in. When super talented people are also super freaks.”


  18. Marjorie

    I’ve been perplexed by all of this, too. Any time he’s been portrayed in the media for years it’s been as a pedophile, a freak, a bad parent, and now the adoration is just everywhere. Regardless of whether I was a fan or not, (not) I think I’d be surprised at the wild flip-flop in his portrayal.

    It’s hard to understand who gets the outpouring of grief and who doesn’t in our society.

  19. Kath

    Stop reading my mind.

    Actually, don’t.

    You penned this way more eloquently than I ever could have.

    I hope his kids will be ok and have the chance to live a normal life.

  20. Julie @ The Mom Slant

    When he dangled his child from a window, that’s when my sympathy for MJ officially bit the dust. I could no longer give him the benefit of the doubt. I mourned the MJ of the early years long ago.

    Rest in peace, Farrah Fawcett. A far braver and more talented woman than most people give her credit for being.

  21. MB

    MJ was such a huge part of my formative years — I think of him when I think of all the angst I experienced. His music guided me through. I don’t really think of him as the same person who declined into a weird existence. I am glad his music lives on.

    As for Farrah: I only ever wanted to be Jill Munroe.

  22. Fi

    Thriller was my very first album purchase. I thrashed that cassette…

    A very troubled man – a man without a childhood. He was incredibly talented but yes, he totally was a pedophile.

  23. J at

    I’m not sad about him passing. Indifferent. He had a lot of counts against him (abusive father, growing up in the spotlight, etc.), and a lot of counts for him (incredible talent, huge amounts of money). In the end we are judged by what we make of the hand we’re dealt. In his personal life, he failed miserably. That he hurt others while doing so closed my heart to him.

    But wow, I gotta give credit where it’s due. Before he went off the deep end, the guy had talent. I had forgotten that side of him, only remembered the freak show that he had become, until watching some videos this weekend. Still thought he looked like hell, but the music was great.

    Miss him? No. Forgive him? Not my place. Admire his music? Absolutely. Mourn him. No, not really.

    Farrah, I admire her, not only for her battle with cancer, but for her amazing body of work after Charlie’s Angels. Though her life wasn’t perfect either, was it? Her son had to get a pass from prison to attend her funeral.

    I think the idea of mourning someone that you didn’t know in person is an odd one. Perhaps I’m too close to losing my mom last year, but there’s not a celebrity that’s died since that I’ve given a damn about. What I feel mostly is bad for their families, because I know what it feels like to lose someone you loved so much.

    Which brings it all around to Michael’s kids, right? His father was an extremely abusive ass, from all I’ve heard. I hope he doesn’t get his hands on the kids.

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Jules – good points about mourning a celebrity. It *is* weird isn’t it? I think of it more as mourning that part of your life that the celebrity was part of.

  25. Ashleigh

    Great words here. I feel the same.

  26. Catutes

    I was more saddened by the loss of Farrah than the freakshow that was Michael Jackson.

    My response when I heard was “I feel sorry for his kids.”

    I have never understood the appeal of his music, his purpose or the appeal of his fame. Fucking nutter.

    Thanks for the honest approach.

  27. Becky

    I agree with the person that said he had no choice but to be messed up… and I have always wondered, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS WHO LET THEIR CHILDREN SLEEP AT MJ’S HOUSE?!?!?

    Regardless as for the music and the talent that he had, I think it is sad… whether it died 20 years ago or on Thursday.

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