Heart of Haiti

I haven’t been able to work on my pottery in a really long time. In fact, recently I had to make a trip to the studio in order to pick of some old pieces that were completed and just sitting there. But the reason I haven’t worked in clay for a while is simple: TIME.

I can’t imagine the reasons being so much more complex: natural disaster… poverty… to name a few.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti that rocked the world. Haiti, a country with so many issues to begin with – and then to ripped apart by the earth too?

I love the idea behind the HEART of HAITI project. Local artisans, their creations, being made available by Macy’s, to us – with proceeds from the sales going back to Haiti.

The woman behind this whole thing is Willa Shalit (yes, Gene Shalit’s daughter), whose story is captivating as well. Her mantra to “use art as a vehicle for social change” makes me all warm and fuzzy in the inside.

So do the pieces from the Heart of Haiti collection.

Some of my faves:

Heart of Haiti Bowl, Agwe ($45.00)

Heart of Haiti Bowl, Pineapple ($16.00)

Heart of Haiti Jewelry Hanger, Birds in a Breadfruit Tree ($35.00)

(I can’t tell you how much this last one is soooooooo me. I have already ordered it. And FYI, looks like shipping times are slow. Or maybe everyone else just loves my jewelry bird tree too.)


Awesome idea.

Gorgeous stuff.

Get shopping.


And maybe sometime this year I will get back to the pottery studio, too.


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  1. jessicamc

    Love it! I have a few pieces of Haitian oil drum art. One was purchased for my bathroom and didn’t work (went to kitchen.) But the jewelry holder looks perfect. It’s excellent that a big retailer like Macy’s can provide that level of national support and exposure! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Heather

    lovely! That stone heart that’s been in my instagram pics is from my local fair trade shop…from Haiti. I’m not a jewelery gal, but I’m kinda partial to that bird holder!

  3. Tree

    Excellent! Love it. Going there now.

  4. zipper

    What a great idea!!!

  5. Sherri

    Beautiful pieces. How inspiring! Love the jewelry holder myself!!

  6. Shel

    I was eyeing the jewelry hanger tree before I even read that you had ordered it! SOLD!!

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thank you guys! Such a great cause, your support is awesome!

  8. Anonymous

    Love the jewelry Tree! Awesome cause!

  9. Shae

    Love the last one and the pineapple one! Need to keep this stuff in mind as I am trying to find a new place!

  10. Dana Haynie

    What a great idea (and beautiful pottery!). Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous

    What a great idea and great pieces to choose from.

    Thanks for sharing….

  12. Bess

    Best.Idea. Ever. I’m getting something for my mom for her birthday. She’ll love the gift (for more than one reason.)

  13. chloebear

    Those pieces are beautiful! Great idea! I especially love the Heart of Haiti bowl. going shopping.

  14. JennyMoose

    Guilt free shopping! Love it!! That’s putting the joy back in retail therapy.

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