My Hand Is Broken

Yup. I am a walking disaster. That pinky finger I thought was a sprain?

Broken in two places.
Broken Hand
They tried a pre-fabricated hand splint, but nothing would fit me. In fact, when they put on the “small” of their smallest kind, my doctor asked, “Do we have an EXTRA small?”


I nearly kissed the man right then and there.

I have NEVER been an *EXTRA* small ANYTHING.

But alas, no luck, so they had to make me a custom removable cast with velcro straps.

Thus I will have my GREEN CLAW for the next 4 weeks. If you’re lucky I might hug you with it at BlogHer.


P.S. Notice *WHERE* I broke my finger? My future piano concerto career is now at an end. And I was going to be SO GOOD.

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  1. mamikaze

    Aren’t you glad you have our education to fall back on? Piano is a brutal sport.

  2. gretchen from lifenut

    Geez, Aimee. Speedy healing for your pinky. From here on out, stay well and safe.

  3. Anonymous

    What the hell Aimee??? – m

  4. Sarah

    oh no! Hope it doesn’t effect your amazing photo shooting and writing!

    Here’s to some fast healing!

  5. Eva

    That looks very painful. Here’s to a speedy recovery! (I’ll drink on your behalf.)

  6. Helene

    Ouch! But green is *so* your color…
    Hope it gets better really soon!

  7. keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia

    seriously. STOP HURTING YOURSELF!!! i, as a pianist, would pretty much lose it with that kind of injury. you need to kick up your feet [or don’t kick, because you might break a toe or something] and just relax. that offer for a roll of bubble wrap still stands. ūüėČ

  8. Suburban Turmoil

    Haven’t you heard? Green claws are TOTALLY IN! Can we all sign it at BlogHer?

  9. ExtraordinaryMommy

    Oh friend….. I will be expecting a green-clawed hug at BlogHer… xoxo


    I hope it heals fast. How are you typing?

  11. Magpie

    ouch ouch ouch. i broke my thumb once. it hurt for 10 days until i finally went to the orthopod, where i felt like an idiot in the waiting room with a lot of seriously broken gimps. i was actually thrilled to find out that it was actually broken, because then i felt less like an idiot. but there was nothing to be done about it, except a tiny little splint. no big green claw. heal well, friend.

  12. Mixtape Jones

    I’m going to refer to you as “Dainty Hands” from now on. ūüôā

  13. Connie Weiss

    HECK! I’m sorry. I hope it heals well and doesn’t stick out funny.

    I was told by my dentist that I have a small mouth. But my husband doesn’t believe me.

  14. Bach God

    When you can move your fingers try having a piano therapy. It’s really effective.

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